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For the longest time, Eiko stood there, watching a motley crew of surviving students walk up to their saviors and get their shackles removed. She recognized two of them, a belligerent fist fighter and an overenthusiastic boy who called himself a businessman. Then again, she thought, perhaps she shouldn't judge him. At school she kept a fancy case full of business cards to hand out to any and all acquaintances, even her close friends. She winced a bit as she recalled that heavy dose of pretentiousness from her past life. Would she ever be able to hand out cards with a straight face again?

The three boys on the beach got their collars off, got their bags checked, and hopped aboard the boat. It was her turn now. She willed herself to move forward, told herself that this wasn't a trap or a mirage, that she was really allowed to go home. Her next few steps down the beach were taken at a sprint, but then she realized that these heavily-armed people might get the wrong idea if she rushed them like that. So she came to a clumsy stop and walked the rest of the way.

Before she got there, she heard another announcement from the man with the megaphone, the list of those who were beyond redemption. Only two of them got her attention in paricular. First came Hartmann, and she couldn't help but crack a wide smile at hearing it. She had given up her chance to exact personal revenge on the madwoman for humiliating her, but when she really thought about it, she didn't have much of a chance for that at all. The knowledge that she would live and Hartmann would die was a great consolation prize.

But then she heard Peter Siu's name, and her smiles faltered. She walked up to a woman standing near the boat. "Peter's not coming, then?" she asked.

The woman looked up at Eiko and shook her head. "He killed three people. It would be hard to justify that even if he didn't do it in cold blood."

Three? Eiko thought back; she might have heard Peter's name on the announcement once after leaving him. "I saw him kill Lucas, he did it to save me."

"I know," the woman said. "But then he shot Jessie Anderson and Jackie Broughten without provocation. Jessie because she told him she was trying to meet Liz Polanski, and Jackie because she mouthed off to him. We can't forgive that. He stays here."

Eiko frowned and deliberated on this new information. It didn't match with what she knew about Peter, though it did explain why he might have left her. He didn't want her to see what he thought he had to do.

"Idiot," she mumbled. "We could have left together if you stayed with me."

The other woman looked confused. "I suppose you're right," she said, "but it can't be helped now. You have any weapons?"

"No. They're all broken. Can I get on board now?" Eiko's voice started to get a sharp edge to it.

"Okay, okay, just hold on and I'll get you settled." She removed an odd device from her belt. "Now hold still."

Eiko closed her eyes and felt something push her collar into the back of her neck, then the entire thing fell off. Her hands rushed back up to her neck and felt nothing but bare skin, rubbed raw though it was. The open collar lay on the ground in front of her. "Thank you," she said, walking over to the boat and getting on, picking a seat next to Franco.

"Jeremy," she said as a way of greetings, for once forgoing the use of an honorific. It was a special occasion, after all.


Now to play the waiting game. Eiko clasped her hands tightly together, and looked around for anything that could change her fortunes yet again. She would never feel safe again, not until she was safe at home again.
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