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Acacia turned slowly to Mary Ann.

"She got shot," Acacia said with surprising calm. Thea was with her, and she looked back at the both of them. They'd always been a lot closer to each other than she had been to either of them, and it didn't seem right to disrupt that when Charlene was so obviously... Hayley was a better shot than John was, it had taken Roman ages to die. She remembered the feeling of revenge that she'd felt afterwards, dulled into a shocked silence by the fact that John Smithhad died a few hours later anyway. Shaking her head, Acacia hoisted her bag up onto her shoulder.

"I'll try and follow them," Acacia said, as Charlene's final moments dripped past. She didn't want to see another person die, and pulled her gun out of her pocket, holding it loosely in her hands, wondering if she might finally get to use it. There was still a sense of excitement that tingled around the gun, it still felt cold, heavy in her hands but the feeling wasn't so alien any more. This was why she had connected with Roman anyway, he had loaded it, she was still clinging onto that somewhat. "See if I can't slow them down," Acacia turned to Mary Ann and nodded with pressed lips, before looking back to Thea. Every parting could be for the final time, for all she knew she might never see Thea or Mary Ann again. She might die on her way, Hayley Kelly might shoot her, someone might ambush the others. It was safest to travel alone.

With that final thought, Acacia picked up her heels and disappeared into the woodland just north of the cliffs. There was a good gap between them already, and she had no idea where they had gone, only the vague direction. Which, as she got out of the immediate shooting zone, she wasn't even entirely sure she had gotten right. They seemed to have disappeared awfully quickly, and Acacia chewed her lip.

You're not getting away that easily!

Although, the gun was the only thing that had really given her confidence in this game. Game, hah! And it wasnt going to be enough any more, because they had guns too. Guns that they had used before and probably had no qualms about using again, as far as Acacia knew. Shoot 'em in the back!

((Acacia Salinger continued in A Slight Change of Plans))
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