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((Mary-Ann Warren continued from The Use of Common Sense is Now Authorized ))

Mary-Ann followed behind the girls. Charlene in front, Acacia and Thea behind her and Mary-Ann bringing up the back. She didn't feel much like talking, though she was appreciative to have someone to band to.

It killed her that she felt like she had to stay with someone. It just proved that she wasn't strong enough to go on alone. She felt like a disappointment to R.J. In addition to this she felt like she'd swallowed up his silence for him, only looking up to the conversation of the other girls every once in a while.

Then there were gun shots. Mary-Ann instinctively dove to the ground. She heard yelling from up ahead. Someone called her name, they needed her help. Mary-Ann was frozen in fear for a moment. It wasn't typical for her to run towards the sound of gunshots.

Someone's in trouble. I have to help. I can be scared, but I just need to be brave at the same time. Just have to be brave.

Mary-Ann scrambled up and gripped her gun. She trotted ahead and when she came to a stop she saw Charlene, motionless.

"What happened!?"
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