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It was accidental.

That gunshot... that guy... that... thing.

He didn't mean to, apparently. Somehow the gun went off and killed someone.

And apparently Danya had a death squad. That wasn't a good sign.

Was he lying? Was this still a hallucination? Or was this the truth? Chase didn't know. All she knew was what was happening. Brendan was here, and they were getting pissed off at Kitty. That was what was happening, apparently. If it was happening at all.

But... Kitty didn't seem to like being called crazy.

Not at all.

And everything went to shit once more.

She lunged herself at Brendan, and Chase felt herself collapsing. There seemed to be five seconds of blackness, until she opened her eyes again.

Oh god, no.

That dreamlike sensation popped in again, as she watched the bat swing down and down repeatedly. Chase could only watch as Brendan was hit with it repeatedly, and the gun was torn out of his hands.

She couldn't do anything.

Even as she told herself that she'd defend herself and find Brendan, when it came to practice she couldn't do it. She couldn't defend her or Brendan.

A weakling. That was what she was, deep down.

There was nothing she could do.

They were going to die. She didn't want to lose Brendan too. She'd already lost everything else. She had no living friends, no one who cared about her, nothing.

Brendan wasn't a hallucination, she had realized. He was the real deal. And now he was getting hurt. And it was her fault. Everything was her fault.

She had to do something. But what? She couldn't figure it out-

Chase moved her hand slightly, only to come across a long, thin object.

The shovel! It still lay where she dropped it!

Slowly lifting herself off the ground, she picked the object up with shaking hands, her teeth gritting tightly. As she approached Kitty, she could tell she wasn't paying that much attention to her.

That dreamlike sensation continued even more, as Chase felt like she was doing things on automatic. She wasn't really even thinking, but she knew what she was feeling.

Fear. Anger.

Just like when Marty died.


Before she even knew it, the shovel had connected with Kitty. She barely registered a cracking sound, like fireworks. Kitty stared up at her, glaring at her.

Chase went for another swing, but Kitty started running behind a pew, only to fall over.

And her first reaction? Stomp towards her with shovel still on hand.

"You beat him up. You... you... you left me to die at the hands of Nancy FUCKING Wainright! That means you're crazy! Crazy people do that shit! I mean, how DARE YOU! HE. WAS. MY ONLY. LIVING. FRIEND!"

She didn't care what was coming out of her mouth. Occasionally she could notice herself panting heavily.

"Fuck, you know what? Leave. Just... g-get out of here. Or else you'll... you'll... get hit more! Okay? I DON'T WANT YOU TO BEAT HIM UP ANYMORE YOU BITCH! JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

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