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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
[ *  * ]
"Yyy...yeah... Let's go...but I can...walk fine, thanks..."

Josée wasn't sure if Cisco was being truthful when he said that he could walk without her assistance; she didn't know if he was trying to impress her or convince her that he was still well enough to survive. But he was already on his way towards the noise. Josée wasn't sure if they'd be able to make it in time or if there was any rescue at all, but she had to cling onto her last shred of hope that they could get off the island, she walked close next to Cisco. "If you're sure, but if you want me to give you a hand, just say. When we get to the rescue party I don't want to arrive with just the top of you."

((Josée Trembley continued in The Cavalry Arrives.))
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