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[NOTE: This continues the temporal displacement from Andrea's previous post, and is considered to take place shortly before everyone leaves the area.]


*show intro*

HELLO to everyone out there! And you folks are in for a great show, because it's another BEE-YOO-TI-FUL DAY here on Killer Murder Carnage Island!! Can we get some applause folks?

*canned applause*

Well ALL-RIGHTY THEN! How many days have we been trapped here now, Bob the Annoying Douchebag Voice?

Well I think that this is officially Day Number NINE, Steve Sackodogshit!

Nine BEE-YOO-TI-FUL days, Bob!

You've got it Steve!

Hey, this current crop of kids ought to consider themselves lucky! You remember last year, Bob? How many days did it rain in v3?

Well I think it was about four or five days of rain, Steve!

You're always on the ball, Bob! FOUR OR FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS, people! And this wasn't any kind of piddly dinky-doodle rain, no sir-eee, this was TORRENTIAL stuff! I tell you, those kids last year were made of sterner stuff than this motley crew is! I thought folks from Minnesota were hardier than this!

Not to mention the escape attempt, Steve!

That's a heck of a point there, Bob! Of course, the Word of God says those v3 kids never actually SUCCEEDED in their escape attempt last season, but hey, they gave it the old college try, didn't they?

That's right, Steve. Heck, they even found themselves a generator!

They sure did, Bob! And between us friends, if you ask me or heck, half the fanbase out there, I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that some of those kids DID make it off! Why there was just no way that Adam Dodd or Neil Sinclair would go down without a fight, and never even have their death recorded for posterity, right?

Hold on a minute, Steve! While we're talking about Adam Dodd, it looks like we've got ourselves a caller!

Of course we've got a collar. Every student has a collar, Bob! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Oh, you kill me, Steve! Right now we've got Girl 77, the self-styled female Adam Dodd, Ms. Andrea Raymer on line one, calling into us LIVE from Killer Murder Carnage Island!

Alright, it's Andrea, folks, lets all give her a big hand!

*canned applause*

How's it going out there Andrea? Ha ha ha, don't worry about answering that. But I have to ask while I have you on the line, is there any truth to the rumor that you've failed miserably to live up to your self-proclamation as Adam Dodd, the chick version? Andrea?

Whoops, sorry Steve! Looks like Andrea's been disconnected. Turns out that we don't even exist and even if we did, we wouldn't allow LOSERS to call in!

Well Andrea, that's a shame! Well, wherever you are, just remember what your daddy said, and always look on the bright side of life! After all, it is a BEE-YOO-Ti-FUL out there, and I sure hope you can enjoy it with your ONE FRIGGIN' EYE! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA--

Ha ha ha.

Fucking hell. Forget what she'd said before. She missed the Springsteen lyrics. Bob Geldof. Hell, even MCR.

Andrea returned from her rendezvous with Ray at the gravesite, giving halfhearted hellos to Alex and Felicia and Isabel and feeling more like an outsider than ever. The group had managed to raid a few supplies from the store and surrounding areas, but they weren't exactly raring to go.

Still a chance. Still a chance.

She sat down next to Allen.

"So uh, if we're not taking off yet, got an hour or so to listen to me bitch?"

Thankfully, he did. Good for Allen.

She set her bag on her lap and pulled out the bottle of 'aspirin', idly rolling it in her hands.

"Like I said, it's a long story. "

Well, she had to tell it sometime. Or maybe she didn't.

Nah, she did.

"I told you a while back that my dad died when I was 15. He and uh, he and my mother, they divorced when I was 10 or so, just your average upper middle class white couple divorce shit. Anyway, even though me and my brother Alex lived with our mom after, I... always got along better with my dad I guess. And then he died.

"So fast-forward to present-day, and... this is degenerate of me I know but I'd started giving Alex some Ritalin on the side. Nothing serious, it was kid's stuff, you know? Prove how cool I am, corrupting my younger brother, yeah yeah. And I didn't know it at the time, but he'd been keeping his stash in an aspirin bottle."

She tossed the bottle in question over to Allen, not looking to see if he caught it or not.

"I dunno, maybe he thought he was being clever or something, the whole hiding in plain sight deal.

"OK moving on again, it's the morning after prom. I got back at who knows when, I was pretty fucked up. I hadn't even gone to prom, I'd gone out with Chad Klitou, I was out screwing Chad Klitou in my car during prom how fucked up is THAT, and then I stopped off at some party and I didn't get home until whenever and I went to bed and crashed."

Yeah. That was the background Now came the hard part.

"So I wake up next morning."

The really hard part. That part that fucking burned.

"I wake up the next morning, and it's like noon, and I'm just getting up and I'm still half asleep, and I turn around and this aspirin bottle fucking flies at me and hits me in the face. And uh, it was my mother.

"She was just sitting there on this chair she'd pulled up, I don't know how long she'd been waiting. And I don't even know what to say, I'm like in shock, so I stare at her, and she tells me that she found that in Alex's room. So she tells me to open it and I do and of course, there's the Ritalin. And then... see I'm trying to think of what I'm going to say when she... she's my fucking mother, she tells me that she doesn't give a damn about what I do to myself, that I can ruin my life if I want, but I'm not going to drag her son down with me.

"Her son. That's what she said.

"Then she gets up, and she just looks at me, and she says, just to punctuate it I guess she says... 'You're not my daughter, Andrea. You're his. Alex is my son; you're his daughter.' And then she left."

Huh, It was kind of funny. She wasn't crying. She wasn't even really raging. Still burned, though.

"She just fucking LEFT! And I thought about it, and I just realized that... that that's it, Allen, she never fucking cared, she NEVER gave a shit about me! Oh yeah, she gave me stuff, she gave me things, she told me to make my bed when I was a kid, but if I didn't? She didn't care. Alex was her son, she cared about him, and sure I was like, biologically hers too, but I was my dad's daughter, and he cared about me, and then he fucking died and is it any wonder that I ended up being kind of fucked up? Huh?"

It burned in her gut and her lungs and in her throat and she kept on.

"You want to know something, Allen? I don't think I had a single heartfelt conversation with her in my entire life. She never even taught me…. I mean thank god for the Internet and health class, or I wouldn't have even known what to do when I got my first period. Seriously, I know that's disgusting for guys to think about, but, yeah. There's one example for you.

And now I'm here, and I bet you, I bet you she is fucking loving it. There you go Andrea, that's what you get, now you're on Survival of the Fittest and you'll get exposed as what you are and your mother is free to raise her son however the hell she wants to without your nasty influence."

Andrea grabbed one of her newly-regained cigarettes from her pack and lit it, flicking the wheel of her lighter awkwardly several times before it caught flame. Yeah, why not prove her point to the world? That'll show them.

She didn't say anything for a few moments, then started again.

"Yeah, exposure. I guess that's what I always liked about watching the show. It was real, it was raw, it takes kids like you and me, and it just fucking strips us down until this is all that's left. And then what?"

Andrea breathed in the smoke and stared down at the embers dropping by her feet. She could feel the nicotine mixing with the Ritalin inside her, could sense those old familiar feelings. There were still table scraps though. That was 'then what'? Then you've got a few scraps and a partner you can't jerk around anymore.

"Look Allen... this whole escape thing I dragged you into, like I said I'm good at misleading guys like you. Nice guys and assholes both. I teamed up with you cause I knew you'd let me. It was never about you Allen, it was all about me, cause I'm hot shit. I'm smarter than Danya, smarter than Liz Polanski, whatever. This is my fucking game, that's my motto.

"And I'm going to keep that up, try to at least. I mean, what else can I do at this point? So I'm hoping that you and anyone else who wants will follow me on some new trip around the island, and I'm still writing it down instead of saying it and I keep telling myself that I can do this, but... I just had to tell you that so you can decide on your own what you'll do. I won't try to bullshit you anymore, shouldn't have done that in the first place. Sorry."

She looked back to Allen again and shrugged.

"So that's my whole story, Allen. Sorry to use you as my bitching board or whatever, just had to get that out before we all go off to our deaths. You want to tell me to fuck off, I will. Now's your chance, cause hopefully once we get away from here this Ritalin'll be kicking in more and I'll have something besides this self-pity to entertain you with."

Hopefully. She just had to keep pushing, cause her dead father told her so. Hard work, but hey, were there any other options?

Maybe lie down and let the rest of this crap play itself out. She could fall asleep and just bow out.

Not yet. Still some chance. The old stubborn Andrea.

Push a bit more.

[NOTE: Permission granted to outfoxd/Renard to GM Andrea moving out with the rest of the group to The Cavalry Arrives]
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