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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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It was of little solace that such a hallowed ceremony could take place on this island to Felicia. It was as if, with Rosa's burial, a piece of her heart had been cut out and was going to be put into the ground as well. Then there was Anna, with whom there came no happy news, no break in the sadness. Felicia couldn't bear to look at either one of them, so she tried to raise her eyes to Ray. Her eyes could not remain fixed on him for more than a few seconds before she had to look back down to her own shoes, a hand raised as a visor to cover the ever-present tears. It didn't take a sleuth to see the grief plastered all over the man's face. And even then, even burying somebody who had to mean just as much to him as Rosa did to her, he showed the strength to be the one moving the dirt. A little solace was better than none, Felicia morosely decided.

Felicia leaned a little in the direction of Alex. Ray was too busy working against his sorrow and doing something for the two girls that Felicia only wished she could provide. From where she was expected to summon the strength to help bury anybody she loved, let alone even hold the weight of the shovel right now, Felicia had no way of answering. Her strength had all been sapped from her body, replaced with conflicting and brash tongues of emotion, leaving her mind a neurotic mess. That was the worst of it, really... she had been rendered too weak and helpless to stand up, be strong and not make a fool out of herself in front of them.

Only a marginal amount of comfort rested with the knowledge that nobody here would judge her, and that marginal amount was still something. They were here not to wallow in their own suffering, but to ensure that Rosa and Anna could finally know peace, just like Samaya and Aislyn and all those names... those names numbering a hundred and nearly a hundred more that had been called out so callously by a man who knew nothing of them.

She hated that this had to happen to them, hated that Rosa died for nothing. Felicia hated that any of them had to die so young to begin with, and hated that she couldn't stop the tears even when Rosa had asked her. She hated that the bodies of those who fell here may likely never be returned home to be mourned properly by their loved ones. By that logic, these two were some of the 'lucky' ones... at least they got something, instead of rotting on the ground or wasting away in a room somewhere. It hurt to think of things happening like that, particularly in the state everybody was in right now, but as Aislyn would've stated (so harshly), it was true.

Rosa and Annaliese were two more casualties of the island, and nothing could ever change that.

Against her better judgement and reason, her arms wrapped around Ray.
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