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She should have felt relief. That would be the sane response to being told you were allowed to leave death island and go home. Alice, on the other hand, just felt…disappointed. Yes, disappointed sounded right. She wanted to stay, she realized that. Stay and makes things right. But she was too much of a coward to just decide to do that. A legitimate reason, something that would give her no other option then staying behind. Something that she could use to convince herself. But that wasn’t going to happen. Apparently her murder wasn’t quite so severe to keep her here.

Wishful thinking, she supposed. It was self-defense, after all. She hadn’t tried to kill the girl, hadn’t even really wanted to hurt her. But there was no other option at the time. She’d just reacted. Clearly self-defense. Clearly.

But why couldn’t they see at is something else? It was just an excuse that she was looking for, something she could point at and say ‘blame that, not me’, something to take the decision out of her hands. She didn’t want to go home. What was the point of that? She didn’t deserve to go home. Because she was weak, because she was a murder. But mostly because she let the one person she should have saved, die.

No, this is where it should end. If there was any justice, anyway. But there wasn’t. If there was, Vic would still be alive, everyone would still be alive. They would still be at home, happy and safe. Happy.

After the pair received confirmation, Alice tuned everything else out. They were safe, the two of them. What else mattered? The people joining them on the beach certainly didn’t. Alice walked, marched, toward the line the soldier indicated like a condemned prisoner on the way to the electric chair. All the while, she kept hoping that the solider would receive some change in orders, that he would tell her that there was some change and she had to stay.

But that wouldn’t happen. She would have to make peace with that, she guessed. Look on the bright side, she told herself, at least you still have Bounce. She looked down at her companion and forced a thin smile. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

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