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Alex set Rosa down gently, as Ray decided on the spot where they were going to bury the girls. She stepped back a minute, her eyes filling with tears. She wiped them away angrily, there were things to do. Things to do, that’s what she was going to focus on. Alex watched Ray start the grave and wondered at the…she didn’t know what to call it…irony, perhaps. This was the second burial she’d attended on the island. Yet, the one that mattered most to her didn’t happen.

Tears streamed down her face as the image of Roman’s lifeless body appeared before her. All because Hayley had gone off the deep end, she’d showed up waving a gun firing at her while she was mourning her brother. What the hell was wrong with Hayley? Not that there had ever been anything particularly right with Hayley to begin with, Alex mused.

She pulled herself together, wiping the tears from her eyes again, this time with her the hem of her shirt. Alex made a face as she realized that she’d probably just done more harm than good, she didn’t remember the last time she’d changed her shirt. Probably back when she was with Jessica.

“Let me know when you want me to take a turn,” she told Ray softly, her mind on what was happening with Jessica at the moment.
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