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((Beginning final scene, this will be before the timeskip. Last cycle, everyone's got their order in the pms, then I'm finishing 'er off with my final post.))

A short while after Alex White had shattered several lives and skipped away from the grocery store, the real grieving had begun.

Ray stepped out of the store, the grim mask of his features something altogether new to his face, which was still puffy from crying. There was much reason to have the expression. Annaliese was slung across one shoulder, much like she had been back on the mountain when they had run from Kris Hartmann.

Except now she was dead, no off-kilter comments about popular culture being issued forth from her lips.

Ray carried a shovel procured from the market in his free hand, and it wasn't hard to figure out what he intended to do.

Behind him were Alex and Felicia, carrying Rosa Fiametta, freshly dead herself. She had looked like she'd been butchered, to be sold by the pound for a holiday dinner. Felicia had been sobbing over the corpse. That was how Ray and Alex (female Alex, the Alex who wasn't a sick, murdering fuck) had found her. Ray didn't know the girl, but goddammit, she was to be respected.

There was some semblance of a yard in front of the grocery store, choked as it was by weeds and unmowed grass. It looked as good a spot as any to break ground. He set Annaliese down, face-up, next on the spot of pavement next to the yard.

He looked at her face. It was still the face that told him that it was all ok, even as she died. Ray's eye twitched, and he swallowed, hard. He started to stand up, but fell back down and his haunches, nearly choked on the lump in his throat.

"We...We'll put them here." He said to his companions. He pushed himself to his feet with the shovel.

He took the shovel in both hands, and soon the blade was biting into the dirt.

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