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((GMing of Thea Kairos done with permission from Arscapi))

There were two gunshots - the first Charlie felt due to the recoil of her gun, the second one she felt from the pain in her right side as she fell to the ground, spinning ...

July 4, 2007 ...

Charlene shook her hair, trying to get as much water out of it as she stepped out of the pool and scanned for her best friend. There. Charlie found her best friend in a lawnchair a few feet away, in her dark green bikini. Charlie sat down in the lawnchair beside her as she adjusted the strapless top of her tankini.

"So, nice way to start the year." Thea lifted her Dolce & Gabbana shades so that they were being used as a headband as she noted Charlie.

"I know. seems like we just finished the year. We've got camp in a couple weeks"

Charlie picked up the Jackie Ohh sunglasses she had left at the chair as she picked up a drink she had gotten. "Yeah. That's going to be awesome. Top of the ladder this time." She took a sip of her drink. She loved kamikaze shots.

Thea nodded. "It's our year. We're going to rule - "


Charlie and Thea both looked at the source of the noise.

"Yee-ha! Pyrotechnics!" Thea and Charlie just shook her heads. Boys would be boys.

"Anyway," Charlie chuckled a little at the jocks as the fireworks went off. "Anyway, you're almost-captain, other than Riley. We've got this year to give ourselves the best time of our lives."

"That, and it's July. We'll need to start looking through the magazines for prom fashions soon." Thea sighed. "It's weird, huh? We're a year away from going to college. I don't think when we met back in second grade we were thinking that we'd still be friends now."


Charlie thought back to that day. She'd been so mad at practically everyone ... until Thea came in.

"Yeah, that was something. 'CHUCK NORRIS! CHUCK NORRIS! CHUCK - ow my face!'" Charlie laughed at her impression of that guy almost ten years before. "Funny as hell. Not to mention that he had it coming."

Thea laughed at that. "Oh, man, Charlie. I can't believe you're still bitter about that."

"Me? Bitter? No way. It's just funny. Besides, wouldn't have met you if it wasn't for that, so I guess it all evened out. Karma, huh?"


"Karma, maybe not. More like … fate." Thea turned to Charlene.




Present day ...


Charlie opened her eyes. She was sitting up by a tree, Thea was in front of her, worried as hell. For a second, Charlie thought she could see tears as she ...

Aaah! Charlie jolted in pain as she looked down to her right side, where the pink of her tank top was stained with some expanding splotch of red.

Oh, shit.

"Talk about luck. You've encountered Hayley, like, three times, now?" Thea asked. Charlie laughed weakly at the joke, some blood starting to drip from the corner of her mouth as she coughed and everything blurred for a second before coming back into focus.

"Yeah. Talk about it. Fate, huh?"

Thea laughed as she took Charlene's hand. "Okay, now I know that you've been hanging out with me too long. You believe in the Fates now?" Charlie smiled at that.

"What can I say? I learned from the best." Charlie squeezed Thea's hand with all her strength, which, given the circumstances, wasn't much, and going down fast. Was it always this hard to breathe?

"Now you admit it." Thea laughed almost humorlessly before the smile left her face. "I'm sorry I couldn't stop her."

"Don't worry about it. Dumb bitch is fucked anyway. Guess I couldn't get her. Looks like it's up to you."

"I'll get her." Thea's voice was determined now, borne from anger, grief, and the game. "She'll pay for taking you and James from me." Charlie shook her head.

"Not right now. I want to savor this." Charlene smiled and made eye contact with Thea with her mismatched eyes and smiled as her vision blurred again. "You're my ... BFF. You ... were the best ..."

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