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Try as she might to coax further responses from the girl, Rosa remained silent. Though she held her nice and close, Felicia was now more alone than she had been before; more alone now than when Tiffany died, more alone now than when she was forced to kill Sebastian, more alone than when she woke up next to Samaya's cold body. Her heart found itself more isolated with its warm but no longer beating mate just feet from it than when she woke up by herself in the swamp, when nobody truly was around.

Felicia called to Rosa, though her own ears were deaf to it just as much as Rosa's were. She felt both it and the following scream of Rosa's name, but the world no longer carried such comforts such as sound. Rosa still never replied, nor would she ever again.

Felicia screamed, still, hoping to kill the silence that now threatened to deafen her.

Screams gave way to sobbing, even while the message remained unchanged.




Rosa was no longer with her.

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