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((With Rickyassistance

For listening))

Rosa lay face down on the ground, hands balled into tight fists each breath was shallow, the exhalation more sob than anything else. Every time she forced air into her lungs, every last cut yawned open, spilling blood across her flesh like water, the broken off piece of glass burning with white-hot fire. She'd scrabbled at the wound, attempted to do something, but it had been no use. Probing at the edges of the ragged cut had been more pain than she could handle, and she'd been forced to leave it be, tears flowing freely.

She was already dead, she realised, it was too late. These injuries needed a doctor, a surgeon, a hospital. On this island, there wasn't a hope in hell. Briefly, Rosa burned with anger; rage at Danya, rage at Alex fucking White, rage at everything and anything she cared to think of. This wasn't right, this wasn't supposed to- she didn't deserve... but... no. There was no sense in that. Hate wouldn't solve anything. There were too many regrets to waste time railing at things she couldn't change.

Frankie... had she felt this way before she died? Had she panicked? Had she cried? Had she ran desperately as the beeping in her ears grew louder and louder by the second? What had she said, the second before that collar detonated?

Ilario... he would be all alone now. That was wrong, horribly wrong. There were three. One of three. He cleaned up the mess, but they looked out for him too. An uneven partnership, but a partnership, nonetheless. Ily was out there... what would he do when he heard the announcement?

Rosa shuddered a little. Her name was going to be read out by that sick bastard. The pain of the myriad of cuts, the crimson beginning to drip to the street she lay on, they both told her that she didn't have a chance.

"Rosa... R-Rosa... Where... did you get..."

Felicia's voice drifted to her ears as she lay there. Rosa tried to speak, her breath catching as it caused searing pain to shoot through her back. She wet her lips, tried again. "F-Felicia..." it was the faintest of whispers, forced through the agony of her shredded skin. "Here..."

"Rosa... oh, oh god..." The other girl appeared in her vision, crawling along the ground. She hardly seemed to have enough balance to make the trip after what happened, but she made it all the same. "I'm here... I'm h-here, Rosa... why? Why did this happen?"

As best she could, Rosa looked up, barely having the energy to raise her head. She could feel the blood oozing from the cuts on her back, sapping her strength. Her searching eyes found Felicia, and Rosa managed a wan smile. "Because... somebody has a hard-on ...for violence," a glimmer of mischief, only a glimmer, entered her eyes. "Bet... bet it's not... feeling too good for him... right now, though."

Felicia crouched down over her, close enough so Rosa's weak eyes wouldn't have to strain. It seemed Rosa's own joke hadn't been taken in too well by the girl, though, the pain showing through and practically pouring out of her. In spite of this, Felicia cracked a bare smile and shook her head. "That's not funny..." she whispered. Concerned fingers ran over Rosa's body, avoiding any wounds themselves. "What did you... is he hurting? Where is he?"

Rosa made a motion that might have been a shrug, if she hadn't been bleeding so heavily. "Didn't... catch him. I kicked him in the balls..." Rosa's hand edged up Felicia's leg, gripping at her clothes to pull herself up, if only a little. "Now... listen. ...Listen. D-don't cry."

"A Fiametta doesn't cry. A Fiametta lets nobody see weakness!"

Junior... emotions aren't weakness. Being human isn't a weakness.

"It's... that's really hard," the dark skinned girl said through quivering and misbehaving lips, evincing a slight scowl. It looked as though Felicia were ready to disobey that order at any moment, and she brought her sleeve across her eyes to try and keep them dry. Once she steadied herself above Rosa with both her arms on the ground again, Felicia leaned in close to her. "You're going to get up from this, anyway... w-we just found each other, didn't we?"

The Fiametta gave her girlfriend a fierce look, one that brooked no argument even though she could barely move, every word a jolt of agony to the shard buried within her. "Stop... kidding yourself. Look at me... Look at me, okay?" Rosa glared as Felicia's eyes reluctantly settled on her gory wounds. "I'm... I'm done... I'm sorry, but... there's no fairy tale here," her expression softened. "...There's no knights ... in shining armour. I learned that... young, high time... you did too."

"True love... there ain't such a fucking thing as true love!"

Shut up, JJ.

You crushed my belief in stories.

"...No... no way. I came this far, not for you to... t-to fucking die in my arms!" Felicia said, leaning back onto her knees and wrapping her arms around Rosa to pull her up. The wounded girl letting out a cry of pain as Felicia took hold of her, even the slightest of touches sending burns through every last one of her injuries. "It's just a few... flesh wounds, right? We've all bled a little... damn you, Rosa, if you die, I'll... I'll fucking kill you!"

"And - listen, Rosa, I'd kind of...I'd really appreciate it if you could call next time."

I'm sorry, Ilario...

Through gritted teeth, blood spilling across Felicia's arms, Rosa spoke again. "It's not... fair, but it's fucking... true, alright? You... have to be... strong. F-for me," Rosa started to tremble a little, the pain beginning to get to her. "It's... your job... to keep going... You're... you're special, Feli... you can't let this place beat you."

Special... you mean... everything to me.

More than... everything.

"Stop.... just stop, at least TRY and say you're gonna..." Felicia's teeth clenched in her following words, trying to stop her tears. "At least... t-try to lie or something, okay? Lie to me, Rosa! I'm not s-sure I can make it if you're not here next to me..." wetness began to patter onto Rosa's cheeks, Felicia's tears coming in spite of all her efforts.

That's... how I felt all those times... all those times somebody broke up with me...

How can I go on?

Until my heart... scarred over...

How'd it go wrong... so often?

Where did it... go wrong?

A hand snapped up, its grip surprisingly strong, grasping Felicia's chin. "I've got... little enough time... without you going into... denial. I've fucking... had enough of lies. I spent... half my fucking life... lying. You're the... one person I could... be honest with. B-because I love you... you're the one. You have to face ...up to this."

J-just... you and me.

You never lied, never did me any wrong...

Went beyond lust... went back into...

What I never had since... since JJ...

I fell for you...

From the grasp, and the words that followed, whatever bolt that restrained Felicia's expressions of grief and fear broke. She simply couldn't 'not cry' as told, but everything else Rosa said, these things that she had to accept as what just might be Rosa's last words, entered her heart and stayed. "I love you too..." Felicia choked out, nodding even against the vice-like hand. "But what am I going to do!?"

That night... your lips were so soft. You were so shy...

I took you away from him, but I didn't care...

Because... you were worth it, worth upsetting him...

From that day in the canteen... wasn't even hitting on... you, really...

But... I stumbled upon... the best thing that ever... happened to me...

"I.... I can't, I can't help with you that," Rosa closed her eyes, tried to take a breath, cried out again as the glass embedded in her ground against her flesh. "You... have to decide that yourself," she opened her eyes, looked away to the side, into space. "J-Junior... if you're watching... Go fuck yourself," Rosa let out something that might have been a laugh. "You... were the only one that... made me happy, Felicia..." her eyes flickered, breathing laboured. "...Sorry I ... couldn't... be ... better."

I... found someone...



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