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"Cisco, perhaps you should lie down, does it hurt? how deep is it in? how much blood are you losing?"

Joseé Trembley was asking him so many questions. And he could hear every last word. He hadn't lost THAT much blood yet from his circular sawblade's wound, and for all either of them knew it wasn't something he could bleed out from in the very short term if it wasn't bandaged quickly. He could still walk for all his starvation- and dementia-induced lack of hand-eye-leg coordination could still afford him before the bleeding eventually got too severe.

"It...it was just an accident...and I-"

Hell, he was already starting to hear things. Unusual things. If he actually paid attention to whatever time it was, he would have heard Danya's regular announcement. But as Danya's voice was one of the few constants already etched into his mind, he would have at least recognized that smarmy tone of his.

Clearly it seemed this island still had some surprised up his sleeve when Joseé appeared to be hearing them too.

It had not occurred to him that he had been separated from Josee long enough to find out exactly why she clung to him as much as she did, let alone why she was so intent on "helping" him. That didn't necessarily guarantee he'd trust her with his life to the bitter end, however inevitable that was.

But any sort of doting was better than that nagging, nagging feeling that Death was soon to manifest itself through Cisco's own actions rather than through the forms of people he once knew. Or perhaps that too was to throw him off guard for some kind of surprise deathly double reacharound: get him paranoid of others so that it would surprise him that he would die by his own hand - then surprise him doubly when it turns out that it was something delivered by others after all.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

The only thing that didn't surprise him was the fact that he still insisted on holding onto the sweet music that had held him in its seductive grasp to the point where it literally backstabbed him...from the front.


And at that moment, amidst the mental rioting, looting and pillaging, there was a fleeting moment of clarity like someone threw in a flashbang.

Perhaps the reason so many things still somehow surprised him here despite his paranoia was because he let himself be surprised.

That the sole reason why he had willingly risked severe bodily harm so many times before coming face-to-face with Death was because the inevitable harm had become just that - a surprise that he subconsciously wanted to recreate since the "surprise" car accident that robbed him of his biological parents and most mental coherency.

Of course, having been almost fatal the first time, there didn't need to be a third time for the surprise to finish what it started.

And although it would not miraculously cure his immediate physical or long-term mental ailments, he at least resolved would not wait for that to happen.

"If we follow that noise, it just might lead us to some sort of rescue... Maybe... But I don't know what other option we have, I won't let you stay here and die. Do you think you would survive long enough if I helped you stay upright?"

"Yyy...yeah..." he stuttered to Joseé, trying to force a bashful smile. "Let's go...but I can...walk fine, thanks..."

He squinted and seethed as he started to make his way out of the ranger station toward wherever the hell that noise was coming from. Maybe it really was a way out, or maybe it was Death's final trap. At this point in time, Cisco Vasquez wondered why he even cared.

When Death inevitably caught up with him, he resolved to not die like a surprised coward. Surprised was likely. But he hoped that he would remember not to die running when the mental rioting resumed.

He then smiled back at Joseé. If he was going to die, surprised and perhaps running, then at least he wouldn't die alone either.


((Cisco Vasquez continued elsewhere))
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