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Josée's feelings of happiness and relief lasted for the best part of ten seconds as she noticed the massive record sticking into Cisco's chest. "Cisco?" She started, open mouthed and feeling slightly sick as a faint trail of blood trickled down to the ground. "Cisco, what did they do to you?" She started to panic, she wanted to do something. She looked around for the first aid kit that she had been issued; before she remembered that it had been stolen days ago. "Cisco, perhaps you should lie down, does it hurt? how deep is it in? how much blood are you losing?" Josée ran off every basic medical questions that she could remember hearing on television at one point or another.

She was panicking. They needed a miracle. They needed to get out, fast. Josée stopped panicking when she heard an extremely faint, mechanical noise. It sounded very ominous and not at all like any sort of announcement Danya would make. It was too quiet to hear from the station, but if they followed the noise, it could be their only hope at survival. "Cisco, do you hear that?" she paused to give Cisco a chance to listen. "If we follow that noise, it just might lead us to some sort of rescue... Maybe... But I don't know what other option we have, I won't let you stay here and die. Do you think you would survive long enough if helpped you stay upright?"
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