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((Simon Telamon continued from ... Because I Can't Make It On My Own))

"Βλασφημία αυτό. Ηλίθια τσάντα!" (Damn it. Stupid bag!) Somehow, in the hurry of leaving, and his tranquilizer-induced stupidity, Simon hadn't really come out as best as he could have. After patching up his arm, he checked the bag to find food, food, more food, water, and two strips of bullets. Once the drugs wore off, it came to him: either (a) that girl he had killed had only been given ammunition, or (b) in the rush to leave and the haze of the dart, Simon had neglected to pick up the corresponding gun, if it had even been there to pick up. As such, he was in the exact same position as he was when he entered the Ranger Station, except now he quite possibly had an entire group of people on his ass.

So naturally, he was, once again, alone and completely ...

"Good morning, death island."

Great. Danya (or at least one of his goons) was back.

"We're here with your friendly taxi service, offering an all-expenses-paid trip back to the good ol' USA for all of you non-murderous sorts out there. Killers, players, and cannibals welcome too, for the bullet-in-the-head special, if you want the easy way out of this. But wait! There's more. Come now, and you get to give Mr. Danya a nice big 'Fuck you', plus you get a free Happy Meal when we hit shore. This is a limited time offer, though, so you better move fast, 'cause the seats on this boat are hot, and once they're gone, they're gone.

Wait. seriously?

"Oh, and if I find out you murdered someone on your way here but weren't on my happy little list of sociopaths, I swear I'll put a bullet straight through your skull."

And there was the catch. Simon had a chance to escape ... if he could justify the deaths of Tyler and ... Nancy, according to Dead Girl's bag, assuming it came up. Only way to find out was to risk it, though ...

About an hour later, Simon approached the end of the tree line, he saw what was going on: there was a boat on the beach, supervised by five armed people who were definitely not students and four students, distinguishable by the collars on their necks. Given the fact that one of the students was actually on the boat, it seemed like ...

Apollo came to me. That dream he had had at the Ranger Station - it wasn't a delusion, it was a prophecy. The whole taking off the collar thing in fact was possible, if these guys could give what they got, and given the choice, for Simon at least, one would have to be insane to turn down escape. Simon stepped out onto the beach, ready to get off the island and finally fight like a warrior, if the Furies didn't decide to remind anyone of Tyler or Nancy.

"Hey. Looking for more help?"

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