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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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((Jason Harris, Nathan Choultard and Maf Tuigamala continued from Beast of Burden))
((GMing of STAR verified and approved - gone so long without having to do that heh. :D))

Jason staggered as the trio of boys crested the last rise before the glistening sand of the beach. Every joint aching Jason looked over the windblown dunes of the edge of the island. In that moment it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The trip here had almost ruined the boy. Long ago the light and sounds of the island had died away, leaving nothing but the slow rhythmic padding of the footsteps and the dull thumping of his heart beating in his chest. The walk had been slow going and without reprieve. The weight of Maf and the incessant aches of his muscles yelling at him to stop were pushed time and time again from his mind by the need to get to those boats, the only way to truly escape this wretched prison. They had slowed down more than once, and more than once Jason has stumbled, Nathan catching him before he fell. Now, at the edge of the beach he could pause, but not for long. Brook was still out there alone and probably scared out of his mind. Jason didn't even have enough energy to grimace as he imagined the likely scenario of Brook curled up in a fetal ball hiding in some tiny nook or cranny.

Still, they were here now and they needed to get Maf to that boat. Already the surf teemed with students making their way to the boats, the STAR members quickly and efficiently removing collars and herding the teenagers on to the awaiting craft. Jason looked and Nathan and forced a smile. "We're here mate, we made it. You did it, you bloody champ." His feet sank in to the sand and he felt his knees buckled as he pushed ever closer to the shore Maf's body weighing down on the two, his arms slung over the shoulders of the two smaller teenagers. A thin trail of sand followed in their wake as Maf's feet dragged across the pebbly sand of the windswept coastline.

The low background noise of the waves crashing and the constant chatter of other students seemed to give the place a sense of community and safety, one which had been sorely missed by Jason since waking up alone on the island. Mustering what air he could Jason called out to the STAR members at the beachhead. "Hey we need some help here!"

He felt his knees buckled once more as one of the STAR members rushed over to grab Maf. The weight now taken off his shoulders Jason let out a sigh of relief. As the man lowered Maf down to the sand and began checking his vitals Jason tried to explain pausing to catch his breath and taking a swig of water from his bottle before beginning. "He's unconscious but still breathing. He needs medical attention though. He's cut up pretty bad." Putting his hands on his hips he looked around, noting the lack of collars on Sam and the strange device held in Jaxton's hands.

They can unlock the collars!

A surge of hope ran through Jason's body as he turned to the STAR member still checking Maf's pulse. "Hey mate, get this thing off me! I have to go back, my mate's still out there." The man just shook his head. Jason furious, he couldn't understand. "What? What do you mean?! We don't have time for this. I have to get him back here.

The man's response was measured and flat. "You might be a player. If you want the collar off get in line kid."

Jason's eyes widened in disbelief for a moment, the words sinking in to his mind. "That's bloody ridiculous."

There was no further explanation forthcoming.

He didn't have time for this. He had to get back, find Brook. Nathan and Maf were safe now, he just needed to get Brook back. Make everything alright. He struggled to get up. Every muscle pulled at him, every joint aching but he had to get Brook. He promised. He had promised him.

"Hell of a day mate, I owe you one" The echo's of the past sprang unheeded in to Jason's mind.

He owed Brook that much. Jason got to his feet shakily, his body straining against the movement. He had reached his limit on the way here and every inch of him was now reminding him of that fact. He snarled at the STAR member as he looked back inland. "Well fuck you too mate. You best be here when I get back, cause I'm not abandoning my friends." As he brushed the sand off and threw away the now empty bottle of water on to the sand Jason couldn't help but feel a deep pit in his gut, a feeling of terror, as if fate was giving him a warning of terrible things to come. If Jason Harris had ever believed in fate he might of turned back that instant and prevented the course of events that would unfold in the coming days.

Jason Harris didn't.

As he took his first step he felt a hand clasp on his back.
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