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((Alice Blake and Bounce continued from Confessional))

It seemed too good to be true. More then once on the forced march/jog toward the beach, Alice wondered if this would be a trap. Maybe some brilliant plan by a creative player. Maybe even Danya and his group. The former was more likely, she thought. After all, why would Danya's lot need to get involved directly? Especially when other students were all too happy to do the work for them. No, a trap by some enterprising student was more likely. Not very likely, in the grand scheme of things, but more likely than Danya.

Of course, that was all supposition, wild speculation. Probably, hopefully, far off the mark. She knew that, she knew. But it was either wild but harmless speculation or letting her thoughts drift. Drifting now would be...bad. Even worse now that they had a real chance of going home. Now she need to focus, focus and get Bounce to safety. Because at the very least Bounce was getting away safely. Everything else, she was playing by ear.

They had all but ran from the hospital. Alice carried the bags, heavy gas tank included. There were strong arguments toward dumping it, but some stubborn part of her insisted that she keep it. It was clunky and heavy, and she was stupid for keeping it, but she couldn't bring herself to toss it. She could still set the pace for the two of them, so it wasn't that much of a hindrance. Besides, it was Bounce, if anyone, that was slowing them down. Out of breath and gasping for air, Alice stopped more then once to urge her onward, giving her that little push to start her moving again. Because they were not going through all this trouble just to be five minutes and fatally late.

That was assuming they would let her go along. She was, technically, a killer. Not like Kris Hartmann or Maxwell Lombardi, or even Raidon. But she had killed Ash. In self-defense, sure, but all the same. She guessed that she'd find out soon.

There was still that quiet part of her that wondered if it would be so bad to stay behind. Sure, it would most likely result in a painful death, but it might offer a chance at, let's face it, revenge. She owed that to Vic. The best thing that ever happened to her, damn straight she owed it to Vic. To make up for letting her down, to make up for not being there, to make up for what had happened in the hospital. Yeah, maybe she should stay behind. Sure, she'd die, but what was waiting for her at home? An empty apartment? A life in shambles? The grand sum of fuck and all.

No, she was being selfish. She had Bounce to think of. Here and back home. How would Bounce feel if she went home to safety while her best friend stayed behind to die? There was something back home, even if it was just memories of a better time.

Vic wouldn't want her to stay behind. She'd want her to go home, be happy. Survive. Alice could do at least one of those things.

As the pair reached the beach, she stopped in front of Bounce, holding a hand out behind her, in front of the other girl. If this was a trap set by a student, well, bravo. Another student was already here, standing ahead of them. Alice moved closer slowly, cautiously, still expecting some sort of trap but hoping that she was wrong. Closer now, she waited until the other boy had stopped speaking before volunteering their own names. "Yelizaveta Volkova and Alice Blake. I know my friend is clear, but am I?"
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