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Dr. Nic
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How cute.
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Oh, that twisted grin.

"Quite happy, thanks for asking."

Swinging the spear back on to his back, the makeshift strap hanging it from his shoulder, Alex knelt down. Kept his foot on Isabel's neck, and the gun trained on Allen. Picked up the pills and pocketed them with nothing but a quick, satisfactory glance at the labels. Exactly what he wanted. Exactly what he needed.

"Now, that wasn't so hard now, was it?"

Alex stood. Still standing on Isabel's throat. Still aiming the gun at Allen. He had what he wanted, but why hadn't he left? Why?

He pressed on Isabel's throat.

"I think you deserve a little lesson, Allen."

Alex slid back the slide, caught what looked like a spent bullet as it flew out, and aimed the gun at Allen. Aimed long, and hard.

And then put the gun to Isabel's head.

"Goodbye, Isabel, Allen."

He pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened.

Not one little thing.

Alex just... laughed. Took his foot off of Isabel's throat. And walked away. Just fucking walked away. Leaving Allen and Isabel in shock.

Just fucking walked away.

...What a bastard.
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