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Wake up time!

Her eyes flew open and she screamed. Well, she got half a scream in before Alex stomped on her throat. Her scream tailed off into a whimper as he forced her down.

Allen was there. It took her a second but she remembered Allen had found her just before she fell unconscious again. Where was everyone else? What happened to Ray and Annaliese and Alex? Where was she? And perhaps the most pressing so to speak, why was this other Alex poking her full of holes? He was positioned above her with something sharp right at her head.

There was such an intense pain coming from her arm like she'd never felt. Her right hand reached up to Alex's shoe to try to put some space between it and her throat, but she didn't have the strength left to do much. Her legs writhed, trying to alleviate the situation by grinding against one another other uselessly. Tears started running out the sides of her eyes.

"Y-you," she choked out. "You're on me."
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