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The next minute was a blur. It was like a puzzle with a few of it's pieces missing. She knew what had happened. Simon ran into her, Jessica fell. She couldn't remember how hard he had hit her but it was enough to draw blood from her nose. It wasn't broken. She wasn't sure what to make of it. Her head was spinning. Maybe she should have eaten more.

She tried to find her bearings. She struggled to her knees just as Teo screamed, using baby gibberish or something. She couldn't tell what it was but - but she knew that he had referred to her. That was when Jessica realized that she didn't like Teo. She didn't know what a 'Sharlila mizdayenet' was, but she just assumed that it meant 'whore'. Teo just called her a whore. She pouted.

She was dazed, and she struggled to get up to her feet. Then Nick came over and helped her up the rest of the way, holding her shoulder. Guilt. That's all she felt. Nick had screamed "You shot her." Yes, Jessica knew that. She wasn't guilty over shooting Simon though, she was guilty over Nick's reaction. She tried to explain herself.

"I-I had to - " she gasped for air. Her breath was gone. She clung to Nick, her fingers trembling as she clutched his sleeve. " - he - he was going to hurt you Nick."

In her mind, everything she just did felt justified. That's what you did, wasn't it? You put yourself in the line of fire, take a bullet, die a honorable death. That was it! She was willing to do all of that! And when she stared into Nick's eyes, she didn't see gratefulness but instead a look of confusion. He didn't understand why she did what she did. It made Jessica's heart fall into the pit of her stomach, burning and melting into a pile of goo.

"I - I didn't do it because I hated him -"

She gasped. Hate? She remembered the time in the Hall of Mirrors, where she said she was glad Omar was dead. Alex had looked at her in shock, and Jessica could never understand why. Now that she was standing in front of Nick... could she possibly let him know that she ever thought that? Would he judge her? She hoped not. Oh lord she hoped not.

" - I don't hate him - I never hated anyone! I mean - b-but he killed someone Nick, that's, umm, bad and I-I was afraid that he would come after - "

She gasped for breath. She had to explain it, she just had to! She didn't want Nick to think Jessica was a nut, not after a week! She had to tell him, she just had to.

"I wanted to -"

He put his arm around her, and she instantly tensed up. Her body slackened, she pressed closer. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his torso, cheek against his shoulder. Jessica had never been so close. She had hugged him. Clung to him. Held hands. But this was different. It was calming in a weird way. It was not romantic, not even vaguely sexual - not that Jessica's mind ran that way. She was more of a prude than anything else. Should she be thinking about that? No, she couldn't imagine Nick being so forward or so perverted. He was a good boy, and she was a good girl. He wouldn't do anything to hurt her. But still, she wished this were an embrace. Jessica let out a needy, painful sigh as she held onto him. She hoped Nick didn't look in the bag. Jason's sword was in there... it was bloody.

Jessica's mouth was dry. She started to speak again.

"Nick, I -"

She suddenly found it hard to speak. She made a tiny whine as she struggled to continue.

" - I'd do -"

Her shallow whine turned to a murmur.

"... I'd do anything for you... Nick, I lo..."

The rest changed to a tone so low that it could not even be considered a murmur. Quiet enough so that Nick couldn't hear, loud enough for Jessica to feel like a buffoon.

(Jessica Pentangeli continued elsewhere)

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