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it was a graveyard smash
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Score for Fiona! Garrett was actually agreeing with something that she was saying! This sent a wave of happiness through her body (as if she wasn't happy enough to begin with, but that was another topic entirely. It wasn't that Fiona was happy but...), and she couldn't help but clap to herself. She'd pat herself on the back too, but she didn't want to look too strange. Fiona twitched her mouth and willed her smile to disappear as Garrett explained that Danya probably didn't sense them as much of a thread, thus why they weren't completely dead.

Yes, that made some sense. Or, as he also mentioned, maybe he wasn't listening. Fiona thought this was entirely probable because, hell, there were a ton of students to listen to! Well over one-hundred. Could he be bothered to listen to everyone at the same time? Or could he be bothered to listen to three students standing around and talking about things that would perhaps never be. Fiona wasn't entirely sure, but she was sure that Danya was a busy man (probably getting a mani-pedi right now) and didn't always have the time to listen to every single student.

And that lead her to wonder whether she was at danger of randomly dying. Garrett and Jeremy had already been in some intense situations, and, yeah, if Danya wanted to, he could kill them now. However, Fiona hadn't done anything but fraternize with these two boys. Was she in danger? Should she leave now? ...She came to the conclusion that she was probably in danger, but she didn't care much. She already gave them her word that she would stick with them. How would she look if she ran away now?

She would probably look pretty awkward. She was never so great at running.

"I don't have a notebook, but I might a pen somewhere," Fiona admitted, rummaging through one of her bags. After a few seconds, she shook her head and commented cheerily, "Nope! No pen! I guess I was mistaken. We could always do hand-motions." Fiona didn't particularly think that hand-motions would be the greatest idea, but she thought it would be funny to see Garrett flail his hands around in order to get a point across. Fiona snorted at the thought and began to laugh quietly, trying to keep it inconspicuous but totally failing.

When she came up for air, Garrett was motioning for them to walk away. Look, he took her hand-motion comment seriously! Or... maybe not. It was sort of impossible to not use hand-motions, being a human and all. Looking back at Jeremy, Fiona shrugged and gathered her things, following behind Garrett. "Alrighty, let's go."

((Fiona Sparki continued elsewhere))
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