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Josée dived to the floor as all Hell broke loose inside the station. She didn't want to look, she couldn't bare to think of what could be happening to Cisco inside. But she couldn't go in, it was too dangerous, it would be all too easy for her to get caught by a stray bullet or knife. She would have to wait and pray for Cisco's safety. Eventually the noise drew to a disorientating silence. Josée dared to look as she saw the group of killers leave the station one after one, not even noticing Josée. She saw Teo leave, a sense of superiority and pomposity on his face as he walked away, feeling pleased with himself in some way. But Cisco wasn't with them. Beating a thousond miles an hour, Josée had to clutch her chest to stop her heart beating out of her rib cage. She took a deep breath to look at the damage. The first thing she saw was Cisco, standing alone in the station, save from the corpse of a girl on the floor.

"Cisco?" She whispered into the room, "Checking to make sure there was no-one else around to ambush her. "Cisco! Thank goodness you're alright." She smiled, running upto him and hugged him tightly. "What did they do to her?" She asked, indicating the girl lying on the floor, dead. "I should have got us away from them when I had the chance. I'm sorry, I won't do that again." She stopped momentarily to look over her shoulder, out the door to make sure that they had indeed gone. "Well, they're gone now. We're both safe." still gripping Cisco she whispered. "I promise I won't let any harm come to you ever again."
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