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((All GM approved by Ciel ))

There were incredible flashes of movement as the scene became a blur of bodies. Nick’s sword slid through the skin of the other boy, reaching his arm instead of anything more damaging. The blood dripped and marred the ground with a few specks of red. Before he knew it the specks were joined by a torrent when Gracie slammed to the floor. Nick stared slack jawed at her.


Her head was dented in where Simon’s tire iron had made contact like he was swinging for the outfield.

Nick reached out his clumsy, thick fingers to her face. Fine wisps of her deep brown hair, now matted and dirty, were stuck to her face with blood. It was that smell again. The smell nearly made him vomit a second time. He tried to imagine and pretend that he was just in the butcher’s section of a super market, but there was some pungent quality about the smell of human blood that just made it impossible to disguise. He tried to swallow back a wave of nausea.

She was filthy and the terror in her glazed over eyes was awful, but she was still a girl, even if she was a dead one. She looked like a broken doll with her limbs sprawled around haphazardly where they landed. Gracie….this wasn’t her. It was just some shell. She may not have been the nicest girl ever, but she’d stayed by them since almost the beginning and there wasn’t anything left of her now other than a pile of parts. It was something Nick didn’t feel like he could get used to. He felt strangely hollow.

This mountain of observations took fractions of a second and was hardly even processed by Nick because just as soon as Gracie hit the floor, something went whizzing behind him. He turned and saw Jessica with her rifle pointed at Simon. He followed and saw a dart stuck in Simon just before the boy barreled through them.

“You shot him!” he said in dead shock.

Teo grabbed him by the shirt and told him they were going after him. He looked possessed, screaming at him and ripping open the door to the cabin.

Nick picked up his bag and Jessica’s, despite what Teo had told him and reached out for her. He put an arm on her shoulder and looked down at her for a moment. Nick thought it was strange, but he needed very badly to be able to touch her and hold onto her. He needed this person to take care of. Some strange yearning kept him near her as they walked forward together out of the nearly destroyed hut. She looked back up at him.

He felt a chill when their eyes met. He remembered what she looked like back when they first met in the library. So shy. So sweet. She’d spent less than two days with him now and she’d shot someone. Not with a bullet, but still, it weighed heavily on him that she became someone who could pull a trigger. He worried it was because of him. He was afraid he'd ruined her.

Nick put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into his side. He just wanted to protect her. He turned away from her and looked up.

I just don’t want her to end up…..

Like me.

((Nick LeMonde continued Full Circle))
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