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Janet could feel the tension build thick enough to be cut with a knife. Hayley and Charlene, throwing accusations and threats. Janet was shaking. What the hell? She didn't shake. Shaking was something... something... something Jay did. Not something she did. She stayed in her crouch, lower profile, steadier aim, and she could throw herself flat if necessary.

And then BANG. Three shots so close together, the sound was like only one shot. Ema tackled Hayley; when? Janet herself brought her gun up and toward the newest threat. She fired a shot, and the recoil nearly threw the gun out of her hands. She had not expected that. She was a moment away from readjusting her grip when Jay loomed in her peripheral vision, grabbed her by the hand and, in a fear driven moment, literally yanked her to her feet. She found herself half running, half being dragged, and Jay was deaf to her protestations. He ran, fast, dragging her along with him.

((Janet Binachi, continued in... The Stoner Always Dies.))
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