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Little Boy
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Fuck. This. Show.

He felt sick, absolutely sick to his stomach. Thing seemed to slow down. The girl was backing up, for a second he was sure that would be it- the end of it. But it was never the end of it. There was something about Survival of the Fittest that brought out the sadistic side of God, or fate, or whatever the fuck was in charge up there. Hayley yelled at Charlene, her gun raised. Things were spiraling out of control, just like before.

His heart beat fast. This was wrong, absolutely wrong. The girl was backing up- why antagonize?

"Hayley- Hayley-" He began, nervous, trying hard to break through to the girl. But it was like something had changed in her- like something had emerged. A dark side, to speak in cliches.

Jay felt like pissing his pants. He looked over toward Janet with frantic eyes.

Oh shit. Just like David. Fuckin' shit-

"Hayley, we should go. Hayley-"

No one was listening to him, like always. Tensions were running high. He caught bits and pieces and tried fitting it together. Had Charlene killed Kyle? Had she hurt Alex? Fuck, she deserved it then, if she'd killed him. Deserved it- but not from Hayley, not right then and there. Not so soon after they'd talked, joked and acted like nothing was happening. He couldn't take that sort of whiplash. He wasn't even aiming anymore, his gaze flickered from Charlene to Hayley to Ema and Janet, too scared to make a move.

Fuck- fuck no, Jesus- Hayley can't just- could she really just-

Her anger was absolute. It was like the old Hayley Kelly had never even existed. Charlene hadn't shot Alex or hurt him- Jason had. Jason something, who'd been shot by Hayley. Jay was confused, but mostly terrified. Why was this happening? Why so soon? Why him? He felt a familiar urge build inside him.

"Hayley- Hayley-"

"You're lying, a-and even if you weren't...he's dead, and Jonathan's dead, and...y-you're the only one left. I can't...let you..." Hayley whispered, her voice inches from cracking.

"You killed Jason. You got your revenge. Besides, it's not like you're exactly blameless here. I panicked. You killed five people for no reason. One of them was my best friend's boyfriend. James Mulzet? Remember him? The way I see it, if I killed Kyle and you killed James, we're even. Karma's a bitch, huh?"

Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy-



He'd suppressed the urge to flee for so long. He'd tried to put on a brave face, tried to explain away his cowardly actions. He'd vowed again and again, no more, no more running away, no more jokes. He wanted to win, but to do so he'd have to be worth it. Deep down, he knew he'd never be worth it. There was no point trying anymore. It was time to stop pretending to be something else. He would have felt relieved, if he hadn't been so scared. Jay Holland was a coward through and through, and it was his time to shine.

"JANET LET'S FUCKING BOLT!" He screamed, grabbing at her hand.

He would run, but he'd be damned if he'd leave her behind. There were more shots behind him, he didn't know from who. Charlene or Hayley, Ema or whoever the fuck else, someone was going to die. But it wouldn't be him. Because he would run as fast as his legs would carry him, beyond the point where his lungs failed him. Jay Holland was going to die like a coward, but it suited him just fine.

They disappeared in the brush, running at a breakneck pace. He was barely aware he was crying, his terrified sobs choked out through panicked and choppy breathes. The sounds vanished behind him.

((Jay Holland continues in The Stoner Always Dies))
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