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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Zach Jamis

was unsure

It wasn't like he was doubting. Of course not. He was always doubting himself. He figured that was perfectly normal for teenagers, even though he tried his best never to not be a normal teenager, fuck being a normal teenage, why the hell would he EVER want to be a normal teenager? This was different though. This girl was crying, her hope and innocence has been bled out for all to see and Zach wanted to chew her out for it. Zach was an ass but...

... who the fuck was this girl? He hadn't even realized she was there. And she's standing in the way of him, like some kind of human shield. Zach blinked. For a second he almost forgot that he's bluffing, and remembered that he didn't have a single bullet in the gun. He was supposed to be robbing these people, but of course Zach never followed his plans exactly.

"... I'm not planning on killing you. Jesus."

Then Zach looked at the raccoon. He sneered. Who gave this bitch permission to tell him what to do?

"Don't give me that pity shit. It's your fuck up, not mine. Don't go rubbing your sad, pathetic... I'm not the bad..."

... but. Optimism can overpower logic. Zach was aware of this. He wasn't good at feeling sad. Man, fuck emotions.

"... I'm sorry. Whatever. I'm sorry."

Zach felt uncomfortable. The best thing he could have done was turn around and walk away, just as Aileen wanted. He sighed, turned and did just that.

Zach was crumbling. He could feel it. He was turning into something that he was not. He was... turning into a guy with a conscious. Ugh. Man. The thought of that left a bad taste on his mouth. Zach felt himself gag. He hated this island so damn much. He wish he were off it. For once, Zach really hoped that escape were possible... but then he realized that he was actually acknowledging this game as a game and that alone made him gag a second time. What the hell was he becoming? Because he sure as hell didn't recognize it as Zach Jamis. The voice in his head asked him. What the fuck are you going to do Zach? And he quickly responded. Shut the fuck up.

He had a jolt of apprehension in his gut that he couldn't shake. His head wasn't helping matter. He didn't figure that it was humanity slowly slipping in through the small cracks of his thick armor. Probably a lack of nicotine. Yeah. That must be it.

Zach sneered. Pulled the pack out. It was getting desperately low.

Now whatchu gonna do Zach? What 'you gonna do?"

"The fuck am I going to do?" Zach mumbled in between cancer stick. "I was hoping YOU would know the answer to that. You're completely useless."

Flicked the lighter.

"I guess I'm going to do what I've always done..."

Light. Click.

"Staying in-character."

Inhale. Exhale. Same as always.

(Zach Jamis continued in Boats and Birds)
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