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((Acacia Salinger continued from The Use of Common Sense is Authorized))

Oh okay, so this was new.

One minute she and Thea were having a nice conversation, reminiscing about their time on the Cheer squad. It was the sort of conversation they might have had on the real trip. The next minute, Charlene had been shot, and Thea was shooting. As shots rang out, she dropped to her stomach, feeling sick. No, no, not again! This was almost exactly the same thing that had happened with Roman, only this time it didn't seem quite so random. Because, as she shakily started to pull herself up, she saw Hayley Kelly and Ema Ryan making a dash for it. Her eyes narrowed slightly; it was the first time she'd seen them, but she'd heard enough about Hayley at least to know that she didn't really want to become too associated with her.

So Acacia stayed ducked down in some loose shrubbery until they were pretty much past. Then she clambered to her feet and tentatively moved towards Thea. She had shot her gun! Admittedly it was in the heat of the moment and the girl had just shot her best friend, but it still surprised her. And they though that I was crazy! Then she remembered that Charlie had been shot, and in a flourish turned to run over to her. After all, she was a dab hand at dealing with this situation now. What had happened last time?

Oh yeah, she had squealed and cried and Jojo had fixed everything for her. She wondered where Jojo had gotten to, she couldn't remember hearing his name on the list of dead. Here, not being dead was everything. She wondered if Alex still hated her, and discovered that she wouldn't have blamed her if she did. Even though it wasn't her fault. And that reminded her, she was supposed to be trying to win so that she could go home and say sorry to his Mom. And she'd been concerned about teaming up with two of her friends because it meant that at some point she would have to kill them. And now there was one down...

No! How can you think like that?! She's your FRIEND. You played tennis with her. And now she's been shot and all you can think is 'well at least I didn't have to do it!' You're a sick girl, Acacia!

"Thea!" Acacia called to her friend. "Mary-Ann!" She wanted as much help as possible. Maybe one of them would have done a first aid course? She knelt down next to Charlie and put on her best calming face. The one she had totally failed to use when Roman had been shot. "We need to put pressure on her wound!" she made no move to put pressure on it herself, somehow her own interventions seemed to make people die. Also, she couldn't seem to make her limbs move.
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