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Can you hear me?
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((Guess who needs to live? Inactivity avoidance post))

Aaron had tried the basic method of asking him what he wanted.

DuClare, however...

Oh fucking shit.

Oh, oh fucking shit.

Did she have a fucking death wish?! Did she want to get shot? Really, Aileen couldn't put up with this shit right now. This douchebag could just go and rot right now, for all she cared. He had no right to just jump in front of them and tell them how much they screwed up.

And now she was forcing herself in front of his gun, too? Fucking hell. Aileen didn't want any more death, especially right now. She really didn't want to deal with some girl who had some kind of suicidal tendency at this moment, either. Was she really trying to get herself killed?!

Ailee felt herself continue to clench and relax her hand, still angered by the asshole's yelling.

"DuClare... stop. Don't... don't... don't..." she attempted to say, but it only came out like a broken record. Her voice had turned into a quiet tone.

But she figured it out.

"DuClare. Stop throwing yourself in front of guns. Please? Pl..."

She felt herself starting to cry again.

Whenever Aileen was upset about something, she'd often try to snark it off, subtly (or sometimes blatantly) trying to insult something about it. It was her way of coping with things, you see.

And now even that tactic didn't work. Aileen had very little to say.

Looking at the new arrival again, she tried once more. Her lip curled in frustration, her hands still clenching, and tears still running down her cheeks. No more of this shit. No fucking more. He should just run the fuck away. Go fucking away.

"Look... just... go. None of us are willing to deal with this right now. You have no right to come over here and tell us we screwed up. Mind leaving us alone?"

It was, of course, a bit more calmer than last time. But the tone... the tone still wasn't very pleasant.

It was already starting to be a long day.

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