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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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What was going on? WHAT WAS GOING ON?!

Teo couldn't think, he was moving but the pain stemming from his forearm made it difficult to think. He had blocked the blow but been pushed aside briefly then Nick was in there, swinging around in close quarters and then Gracie...


Teo heard the sickening crunch and the loud 'pop' of the tranquilizer gun going off but there was a loud ringing in his head, he wasn't sure why. He wasn't hit in the head but he could hear his heart pumping. He tried another swing at Simon as he barreled away but it was disjointed, lacking the speed and the power to truly hurt the boy. Adrenaline still flowed through him and he almost pushed off to chase Simon.

A gurgle gave him pause.

He stopped and looked down on Gracie. Her body was quickly cooling and her once pretty face had been smashed in, blood dribbling across the grisly remains of her chin, smashed to one side from the tire iron. The room had gone eerily quiet with Simon's footsteps echoing away in the aftermath of Jessica's gunshot. Teo whirled on Nick in a furious rage, grabbing his compatriot by the neck of his shirt. A red fury had taken him after seeing Gracie like that and now he was filled with rage, the usually calm and smiling veneer wiped from his face replaced by the implacable look of someone who was about to destroy everything that got in his way.

"Nick lets go. We are going to find that fucker and rip his butt fucking leg off anda beat that mitromem mizdayen batahat to death with it."

Teo slipped in to hebrew. He didn't care anymore. Releasing Nick's collar he turned, every muscle in his body tense and paused only to grab Gracie's rifle from the ground, holding it like a club. As he slammed the front door open once more he yelled out to Nick.

"And tell that Sharlila mizdayenet that's tagging along to carry our shit. She may as well be useful if she wants to stay alive."

He was neither surprised to find the pacafistic Josée nor the clearly insane Cisco standing agape outside the Ranger hut. Teo didn't have time to stop now. Shoving Cisco to one side he growled as he set off at a jog. "If I ever see you Mishugena's again I will kill you, now get out of my way!"

He quickly disappeared in to the tree's roaring out to Simon as he did so.

"You better run you ben zonah, cause when I catch you I am going to rip your throat out!"

((Teo Weinstock continued in Full Circle))
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