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((GMing of Jessica Pentangeli approved by Ciel))

The pain finally subsided somewhat, while it still hurt like a bitch, Simon could now see ...

That's not Nick.

The body lying on the ground, not just unconscious, but clearly dead, wasn't Nick or Teo. It was that girl that Nick had been standing by. Simon was ... less than satisfied with this.

No, not again! I killed another innocent person!

CRACK There was a prick in his right shoulder. Simon looked up to see another girl holding a rifle in her hands, aimed directly at ...

Whoa. Suddenly Simon felt a little woozy. He looked over at where the pain had been to note a bright yellow something sticking out of his shoulder, just like the one when Milo Taylor had been ...


As his vision blurred momentarily, Simon noted Jessica standing in the doorway, then the body.

Seems that fate has given me only one choice ...

Simon reflexively grabbed the dead girl's regulation bag as he went low, charging the girl with the rifle, slamming into her with as much force as he could, knocking her down, and going in a crooked path, stumbling out of there as fast as he could.

((Simon Telamon continued in A Slight Change of Plans))
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