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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Jessica Pentangeli continued from Aching Chest and Blurry Sight)

Jessica had tried to ignore Cisco. It was a good thing too - gladly he didn't recognize her. She would rather forget the trip to the lake. Even so, she couldn't help looking. Jessica could have listened to Nick... but Jessica was worried. There was a commotion, loud noises, and it worried her. She had spent so much time looking for Nick, feeling so much doubt. Now she didn't want to leave him alone! How could she?! So she stumbled back to the door, passing Cisco on the way out and looked in just to see -

just to... ... ...

The first thing that traveled to her mind was the taste of pie. Cherry pie. She liked Cherry pie. There was a sweetness to it that she couldn't get enough of. There was a tiny bitterness to it too, like a tiny contradiction. She couldn't wear a white shirt when she ate it, sure, unless she really wanted to stain it. Jessica was never the most dainty eater. Maybe nowhere close to Nick. Nick was worse. She never minded. Nick was just fine. Perfectly fine. But this. This wasn't one of Nick's messes. This was...

This wasn't cherry pie.

... Oh


Oh god.

Oh god the pies.

Jessica had not eaten much on the island. The rations were sparse, and Jessica didn't eat much to begin with. She had seen blood too, much more blood than this, but to think that Nick could - she felt ready to cough up everything in her stomach. She quickly kept herself under control. This wasn't Nick. It couldn't be Nick. Not her Nick.

Jessica had missed the announcements. She had never heard Nick's name. She heard a Nick, but not her Nick. So the thought of death being so close to Nick was a surprise. Jessica never thought he could be in any sort of danger. She thought everything was just fine! Now she couldn't think of such a thing. It was like a virus, spreading through her memories and corrupting them until every single moment, every breath, every smile, every tear. Her memories of childhood, her middle school graduation, the day she met Nick, the time where she didn't go to the prom and stayed home and pretended it was canceled, the pie shop, the time where Alex invited her to go on the trip, the time where she learned Nick was going, the drive, everything now prominently featured a dead Gracie Wainwright with her brains practically splattered across the floor like a crushed pumpkin!

And what surprised Jessica was that she didn't turn away in shock, or reacted with disgust.

No. All she saw was Simon, with his tire iron dripping. He was dangerous. He killed someone. Bashed their head in. Nick was in the room. Jessica liked Nick. Someone had to save him. So Jessica lifted the rifle quickly and shot a round at Simon without even flinching.

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