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They see me walking, they hating
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Everything was happening so fast, that Maddy didn't even have time to react. First Teo, then the other boy, and the girl who had first entered all rushed Simon, who was swinging wildly with his weapon. It was complete and utter chaos. And all she could do was watch as if it was a show.

Then, the girl fell. Maddy didn't see what exactly happened, but judging from the wound on her head, and the fact that she wasn't moving, she knew that she was dead. The boys were still fighting, and all Maddy wanted to do then was to scream at them, to tell them to stop being so stupid and killing each other, but she couldn't find the words. So instead she looked around herself, and that's when she realized that the door wasn't blocked anymore.

Without so much as a word, Madeleine took off into a run. She sprinted as fast as she could out the door, ignoring the other people on the other side. She didn't even know what she'd have done if any of them tried to stop her. Probably just yell and scream. Either way, she managed to get by them without incident, and continued to run away from that damned building.

((Madeleine Smith continued elsewhere))
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