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Everything was happening so fast she heard Nick yell and then the door slam. She jumped, but was slightly reassured when she realized that he now stood next to her. Looking around she realized he’d gotten Jessica to safety. She sighed and was trying to decide what to do when Teo lunged towards Simon.

She was trying to figure out what to do when Nick too, joined the fight. She ducked instinctively as the sword flew through the air and winced as she saw it connect with Simon’s arm.

Gracie had stood almost frozen this whole time and decided that it was time for her to join the fight as well. She wasn’t sure what help she was going to be, but she was tired of standing by while violence occurred around her. It occurred to more as she stepped forward that there was probably a flaw in her reasoning somewhere, but she was tired of being a spectator. She was tired of being threatened and tired of being on this island.

She took another step forward and was trying to decide where to hit Simon since his attention was focused on Teo and Nick. So focused was she on where she was going to hit him, that she missed the swing he sent at Nick. The tire iron that she’d now stepped in front of and was hurtling towards her head.

Gracie got her arm up in time but managed to only hit his arm, the tire iron still connected with the side of her head. She grabbed the side of her and fell forward the ground rushing up to meet her. Her vision blurred as pain radiated through her head. She concentrated and managed to focus on Simon. He was still swinging madly and she saw the sword fall from his left arm.

“Hope you bleed to death,” she said weakly. Her eyes widened surprised at the sound of her own voice. The world began to grow dark around the edges and she blinked her eyes to clear them. When it didn’t work she tried again. ‘I’m making it worse,’ she thought and tried to not close her eyes again. She lasted only a few seconds before she lost the fight and her eyes drifted closed.

G-084 Gracie Wainwright - deceased
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