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Now, he found himself drawn not just to the company, but to the action. A fight had broken out in the ranger station, one that could quite possibly result in death - something that had, putting it mildly, become his obsession. Wherever he'd gone on his way here, there were corpses. Some had been there for days. Others, like Max, had been freshly killed. If this was what Death did to people, then he was no longer simply afraid, but fascinated.

"Cisco...Cisco; it's me, come on. Hurry, let's go before they hear me."

Maybe that was the voice of his conscience finally getting its 15-second time on its lonely soapbox during the ongoing looting and arson. Maybe that was Joseé Tremblay, having finally caught up to the two. Either way it was still one voice in the crowd, literal and mental, only this time he could probably hear it now.

Almost as loud as the sound of a door slamming in front of him after someone pushed a girl toward out to him and Josee, and probably a lot softer than the sound of a horrific scream from inside the building. As the rules of the mob went, the voice that spoke the loudest was the one that was obeyed. The one that fed their bloodlust.

Cisco walked right up to the door, and gave it a good knocking. They'd probably be able to hear it as well from the inside as he could hear what was going on from the outside, which he wagered was pretty damn well.

"Hey...you sound busy..." he began, with an innocent, childish smile, "But if you need any help-"

Come to think about it, he figured as he cut himself off, that wasn't a good idea. If they needed anything, it was another corpse to add to the pile, and the person in front of the door when they answered it would probably be their most likely candidate. Still, they probably weren't gonna open it up immediately and make that little prophecy come true so quickly. And in any event, there was still his little obligation, muddled but not forgotten.

So if they allowed him one little luxury before they invited him in with his sweet music and granted him his deliverance from the mortal coil, Jessica would have been it. It all worked out!

He turned to Joseé and then slowly to the other girl, his back to the door and his smile still plastered on his increasingly-gaunt face.

"So...do you like music?" he asked.

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