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((GMing of Nick LeMonde done with permission from Ruggahissy))

"Jessica! Watch out." Nick fully entered the building and closed the door behind him, grasping a sword in both hands and standing beside the new girl, right in the corner of Simon's line of sight. He looked at Nick, then at Teo, who probably had more reason and ability to hurt him, what with having been hit in the forearm and wielding a crossbow. He stepped around, inching himself away from them ...

What the ...

It was that second when Simon made a slight error. In the heat of the fight, he had paid too much attention to Teo. More accurately, Simon wasn't paying enough attention to Nick. As Simon had stepped to his right, closer to Teo, Nick moved. At first, it was a shuffle, but it became another full out charge. Simon turned his head as Nick swung the sword at Simon's neck and ...


Simon managed to stop the sword from decapitating him, but in order to do so, Simon had moved his left arm into the path of the blade. As a result, Nick's swing had caught Simon in his left tricep, causing Simon to also hit himself in the temple with his fist - although with the searing, white-hot pain of the cut, the whack to the head barely registered to him - in fact, for a couple seconds, the whole world drowned itself out in a sea of red, reducing him to pure instinct as he wildly swung his arms: his left arm to the the blade out, and his right arm to get Nick or Teo out of the way.
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