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Standing there looking at Simon in those seconds was terrifying. His heart pumped so hard he could feel the beats in his palms and it felt like every inch of him was vibrating. His grip on Jessica's hand squeezed to a painful grasp. Finally Teo told the girl with the big honking gun that it was Simon who was the killer.

Was he a killer? It was impossible to remember with all those names listed off everyday. Maybe he was. All that mattered to him was that it gave everyone an excuse to rush into action without time to talk through what may or may not have happened. Jessica would leave him if she knew. Simon had to be quiet. Teo could make that happen. And Nick? Nick could help.

"Jessica! Watch out," he yelled and shoved her out the door at two people who were waiting just outside. They were the two from before. Nick slammed the door behind her and leaned against it, panting. He pulled the sword out and stood at the ready.

While standing in that cabin and looking at the fight, a series of unpleasant thoughts ran though his head. He shoved Jessica out to protect her. Or did he do it to protect himself? What if she was hurt now that they were separated?

No, there's a girl with a gun and a guy I know doesn't like me in here. She's safer out there. It was for her. True, I can't have her in here in case he talks, but it really was for Jessica. I'm not a selfish person. I'm good. I....I....It was for her.

He stood next to Gracie with his feet planted wide and the sword poised in front of him. His eyes narrowed at his former teammate.
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