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See, there had always been something wrong with this picture.

She didn't know many people at Bayview, but Jonathan Blake was not a name she had ever heard. And he talked oddly--she had put it down to racism, and then incredible stress, but it wasn't that at all. He was British, and he hadn't managed to cut the British-isms from his speech; not now, not on the spot, not when she had found him in the woods.

So now he was the person she absolutely didn't want him to be, the person she had prevented herself from recognizing he was. Maxwell Lombardi. The king of the killers. More dangerous, even, than Naoko Raidon.

The last person she had wanted to find.

See, now there were choices. One was to escape, somehow, and pretend she'd never found him. Currently, that would probably involve getting out the gun and shooting him in the leg--which would likely be a death sentence for him. She wasn't sure she was entirely comfortable with that. And that assumed that trying to get the gun out didn't result in her getting any more injuries (that Raidon or Julian might ask about), or worse yet, her accidentally shooting him someplace very fatal. The idea of randomly killing someone, even the King of Killers, by mistake, disgusted her.

Also, his hand was on her neck, and this was uncomfortable, and she wanted to use her free hand to try and get him off.

The other choice was to scream, and deal with Raidon and Julian when they got here. After all, of the four people who might soon engage in an altercation, she was the only one with anything more lethal than a flashbang.

Being a pacifist on this island was interesting. And to think, in the beginning, she had just wanted to draw pictures.

Trying to draw her gun now was too risky. And besides, this guy was annoying, and jumping to conclusions that weren't even true, and if she was going to be sympathetic to killers, she at least was going to favor the ones, like Julian and Raidon, who thought things through.

So she had absolutely no regrets about opening her mouth, and screaming, as loud as she could, in his face.

Alice Boucher was a liar.
Liz Polanski played with fire.

And who the hell is Radio Asuka?
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