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Well, this was disappointing.

As it turned out, little miss meatshield already had a couple of dangerous friends herself, and that there was a good chance that he could end up with another firefight on his hands if he didn't leave as soon as possible.

Pity. He was beginning to get used to the idea of having her around as well.

"Oh... I see....." He said, a crestfallen look on his face as he turned towards his belongings. "Well, I guess there's no point in trying to convince you to let me tag along anyway. Just hold on a second, I think I've got something in my bag which you could probably put to better use then I ever could..."

That was a lie, of course. He had absolutely no intention of giving Mizore anything that could actually help her. However, that didn't mean he wasn't planning on giving her anything at all... On the contrary, Maxwell fully intended to thank Mizore for all her selflessness with a quick and painless bullet between the eyes. There wasn't much point in letting her go unharmed, after all, seeing as doing so at this stage in the game would be rather counter-productive. But at the very least blessing her with a relatively painless demise was the least he could do to thank her for her generosity.

He didn't immediately go for the gun, however, instead opting towards grabbing his bag and rummaging through its contents to buy time. After all, where was the rush? He still had one or two questions to ask before removing her from the face of the isle...

"By the way, um. Theres this girl i'm looking for by the name of Tabitha Gweneth. I don't suppose you've seen her around by any chan....."


Where the hell is my gun?

WHERE the HELL is my fucking GUN?!?

He eyes darted all around the log, all around the possible places where it could have fallen. Nothing. He tried looking in his bag for it. Still nothing. He even tried looking UNDERNEATH the bag. Still fucking nothing. Where on earth had it gone? He was absolutely certain that he left the bloody thing lying down beside him, and now... It had completely vanished. Completely fucking disappeared! But... HOW? It was RIGHT HERE! Its not as if it could just suddenly sprout legs and walk off!


Then it clicked.

...Oh, you sneaky bitch.

He slowly turned his head towards Mizore, a hateful scowl on his face. "Clever girl... For a moment there, you almost had me fooled."

Without wasting so much as a second, Maxwell dashed from where he was standing and slammed Mizore against the nearest tree, his hand clutching her neck as he pinned her against its trunk with all his strength. Meanwhile, his free hand grabbed her by the wrist and twisted it, making sure she couldn't draw his gun with her free hand as her other tried desperately to pry his fingers from her neck. However, Maxwell was much stronger than she was, and no matter how desperately she struggled he refused to yield as he continued to relentlessly scold her.

"I should have guessed that there was some kind of ulterior motive to all of this, nobody in their right mind would be so selfless at this stage in the game... You're just a thief, aren't you? A little con artist who's only real intention is to steal other people's things whilst acting all friendly and sincere. I'll admit, it was quite a devious ruse you nearly pulled off. What better way to get close to someone than to offer to treat a grievous injury? Then, once their attention is elsewhere, snatch their weapon and make up some bullshit about having dangerous friends in order to scare the victim off before he realises that he's been duped. I bet you came up with that entire story completely on the spot, didn't you?"

Admittedly, he was probably jumping to conclusions, seeing as there were probably hundreds of reasons why she'd decided to steal his gun. Not that it really mattered to him at this point, he was far too enraged with the fact that he'd nearly been robbed by to give a damn about the reasons why. As far as he cared, the fact that Mizore had the gall to steal from him in the first place was enough to earn her a significantly less painless death sentence to the one he'd originally planned on blessing her with.

"And here I was, thinking that I'd finally finally met someone with a conscience. But you're no better than everyone else on this godforsaken rock, are you? That's the way this game seems to work... You either look out for yourself, or die a martyr. And personally, I've got no intention of dying anytime soon, so that kind of narrows my options, doesn't it?"

Little did Maxwell know, however, was that what Mizore said about having dangerous friends was far from a bluff. A fact that Maxwell would soon learn the hard way.....
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