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((Nathan Choultard continued from Legoland Empire))

Why was he following him? More importantly why was he allowing it to happen? Jason had said nothing about the announcements and instead the primary frocus was Maf.

It was one of the reasons that Nathan now allowed Jason to lead. He felt safer when he wasn't in front. Now he hoped that he could find Maf, before it was too late.

His body felt heavy. Weighed down by all that had happened before. All the things he could have done to stop the events that had happened. The split of the group, the murders the situation in the warehouse. Whether they were his fault or not, he took responsibility.

Nathan's legs froze when he reached the scene before him. It was chaos before him there was a bloody mess around the head and body of a woman, Melissa Li. There was the smell of something frying that nearly made him dry heave. Turning away he found another body with a bloody mess around his chest and arms. A smile was still on his face and that was what made it worse. Here lay the body of Nick Ried, notorious killer and he was smiling.

Nathan had covered his mouth and nose in a weak attempt to numb his senses. The smells assaulted him and left him with a desire to gag, but nothing came out. The only time he had been thankful that he had eaten and drunk little.

Jason, instead of taking in the situation. Ate bread and drank water that he found from their packs. He ate bread...in the midst of a murder scene. And then he laying on the ground, as if he was some salvager that was just looking for parts he could use. How could he be so casual?

Nathan gulped. That was it wasn't it? That was the proof that Jason had been a murderer. Did he not care? He showed no remorse at the scene. Was it the same when he killed Tiffany?

"Shit. Nathan! Over here!"

Jason quickly decended down the cliff. Clearly he had scene something that caught his eyes. Seeing as the scene before him didn't, Nathan was unsure if he had wanted to see such a scene. Even so, something new had taken over his mind.

His eyes turned to his small pack. The pack that had carried the tiny little pistol that he had been assigned since the very beginning. It hadn't been loaded throughout his entire stay on this hell of a place. He gulped again, placing the pack down and unzipping the bag. There was not a real sheen to it, it looked more like a dark metallic tube with a rubber end. The bullets had the real sheen, looking more like fresh copper tubes than anything else all of them lined up in neat little strips of 6.

Geoffrey would want an answer, just like Nathan would.

Nathan reached for the gun and the stip. His quivering hand recoiled when he touched the gun again. He frowned turning back to where Jason had gone. He gulped and grabbed the gun. He fumbled with it for several minutes before he could slide the strip into it's container.

It had been really easy. Loading the gun. It's easiness made Nathan shudder. He grabbed the bag and walked to the edge. His hand wouldn't stop shaking he tried to restrain it, but it just wouldn't stop.

"I just need an answer..." he mumbled to himself before descending the slope.

He was more scared than when he was trapped in the warehouse.

This is the right thing to do...right?

((Nathan Choultard continued elsewhere))
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