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Sam knelt down for a moment, letting the information wash over her. She had barely believed it to be true in the first place, but to see that it wasn't some trap... and to hear that she wasn't on the list to be left behind... it was... she was...
She wasn't as relieved as she thought she'd be. It's not like she wanted to die there, but... well... She didn't know what she wanted, but she could figure that out with her family... and with those friends that were still both alive and talking to her.
That's right she could see her family again, she could see her friends again, she could... she could go home.

Drying her eyes, she put her bag on the ground and unzipped it partway. Then she reached in and pulled out a water bottle, her last, and put it in the pouch of her hoodie. From that same pocket she pulled out a gun, Adrian's gun, and put it into her bag.

After zipping up the bag, she stood again and approached the man with it held in front of her. "Here, all my weapons are in this."

G047, Samantha Ridley: ELIMINATED
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