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Rachel took the paper back from Neill and read it over, her face retaining its regular icy cool. "There's nothing to like about this. It looks like a five-year old wrote this." Who was he to say that she was wrong? She was already bending over backwards and asking for his help, and he just waved off her suggestion like it was useless.

She glowered at Neill for a brief moment, then swiveled her head around to look for Robert. He was still nowhere in sight. If Robert were here, he would back her. Sure he hadn't been the most supportive a few days ago, but she had just been coming on too strong then. Now that she had seen reason, his vote would surely be on her side.

Neill might have been trying to say something, but she just cut him off with her next words. "We should go look for him. He should've been gone for only a few minutes." Maybe she was worried about Robert. All things considered, he was somebody she could trust after all. She put her comb and other grooming accessories back into her bag and zipped it up. Picking herself and her stuff up from her seat, she scanned the trees, trying to figure out which way they should be heading. Maybe she should've paid more attention when Robert had left.

In the end, she just settled on a direction and pointed. "I think he went this way. He couldn't have gone too far," she said. Neill in tow, she started off into the woods.

Silently, she prayed that nothing had befallen her friend.

((Rachel Gettys continued in Bloodgarden))

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