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Hi, everyone! Assuming you've read the fluff, you have probably noticed that midmonth is a little bit different from usual. That extends to rolls, too: there are none.

Instead, there is the rescue operation. Unlike the V3 escape, this is pretty public. There are only a couple of caveats.

First, STAR has a list of murderers and players who they are refusing to bring along, for reasons outlined in the landing posts. The list follows:

Maxwell Lombardi
Reiko Ishida
Raidon Naoko
Hayley Kelly
Ema Ryan
Kris Hartmann
Ilario Fiametta
Liam Brooks
Rachel Gettys
Quincy Jones
Peter Siu
Jimmy Brennan
Nick LeMonde
Teo Weinstock
Janet Binachi
Ericka Bradley
Alex White
George Leidman
Joe Rios

The list was generated by picking multiple murderers who lacked incredibly good justifications for their actions, as well as single killers who were clearly both playing the game and working with other killers. If you really want to argue that your character should not be on the list, feel free to PM Help, but your justifications, to succeed, must be based on things observable to someone watching SOTF without the benefit of access to your character's inner thoughts. Also, "Clearly rescue is impossible so we should just give up" is probably not gonna fly as a justification, given current events.

While there is no in character justification for the following, rolled characters are also ineligible for participation here. It would be completely unfair to reward people for going over deadlines.

Assuming you have unrolled characters in play who are not on this list, you may, if you want, get them involved in the rescue as follows:

-No more than one character per handler may be rescued during this event. To prevent abuse, any characters handed off from now until the end of the event count as belonging to the handler who had them as of this announcement being posted for the purposes of the content of this message.
-Time is highly limited. In character, STAR is grabbing everyone they can get in about three hours, and leaving everyone else. Out of character, you have just a bit beyond the usual death deadline to get characters out. Specifically, you have twelve days. There will be absolutely no extensions and no breaks cut. If you are Away and want to have one of your characters rescued, get in contact with a handler who is around and arrange it to be handled through them. To my knowledge, no handlers are without means of accessing the boards for the entire duration of this period.
-You may post in the two escape threads following normal post protocol. They are totally open. Post order will likely be a bit looser than usual, given the potential influx of characters. Please be sure, though, to tag one of your character's posts with STUDENT NUMBER, STUDENT NAME: ELIMINATED. This will serve as notice that you want your character rescued. If you have left this tag, you have given Help permission to GM the removal of your character's collar and their removal from the island at the end of the time period.

The code is as follows:
[color=green][b]STUDENT NUMBER, STUDENT NAME: ELIMINATED[/b][/color]

That's about it. Huge thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly on V4 escape plans, fruitful or not. Things would be very different without your efforts. And yeah, I know not one of you actually suspected anything would come of your actions, but what's the game without some surprises, eh? As it happened, there actually was a group equipped to help out in the area when the distress signals went out.
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