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"Just don't kill another man."

Raidon couldn't help but roll his eyes. "How-" he started, under his breath, but then that same weariness stole over him and he shook his head. Julian said something and offered him a hand: Raidon examined it distastefully. "Right," he grunted. "Soryu." He started to get to his feet--quite ignoring Julian's outstretched offer of help--and then immediately sunk back to his haunches, his head swimming as low, throbbing pulses of hot pain worked their way out from his shoulder.

"Y-you should go," he managed, through gritted teeth (he felt weak--he was quite sure his face was pale). "She..." He swallowed. "She probably doesn't want to me now, anyways."

He leaned his head back against the tree and closed his eyes, trying to control his breathing.

And I'm not entirely sure I want to see her.
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