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They see me walking, they hating
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One after another, more and more people managed to find the building. With each new person entering, that was one more person Maddy would have to go through to get out of the house. She had a feeling they wouldn't let her go quietly. She was starting to feel a little nervous, but managed to keep herself in check.

Until one of them mentioned Simon was a killer. But so was she. It had been a long time granted, but she still killed that Jarocki kid. Not to mention she recalled hearing one of their names, Teo as she recognized him now, on the announcements as well. The fact that he was still standing narrowed down why pretty easily.

She didn't get much time to think before the mayhem started. Teo attacked Simon, who started to fight back. The other people were still at the doorway, and considering they were with Teo, that probably meant they were on his side as well. Would they attack her? She was holding a pretty dangerous weapon, not to mention they might assume that she was on Simon's side. There was no way of telling right now, so all she could do was wait and be ready. Just in case.
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