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((Getting her out of her to get her death up.))

"Ricky's dead?" Acacia seemed shocked, as she jabbed herself in the stomach with a needle. "He's dead. It's not our fault, right? We couldn't have known that the tunnels were going to become a danger zone!"

Charlene privately agreed with that statement. He'd had over a day to get out of there. Guy must have been drunk off his ass.

"Couldn't have been us. I thought he might have left, but he didn't."

"I'm sorry I didn't really say anything before. I was kind of a wreck. Thank you for letting me stay." Mary-Ann was pretty nice - Charlie chuckled bashfully - maybe it was just because she never really hung out with the drama people, Thea excluded. Another thing she should have done before she went on the trip.

"No problem. I should have talked to you earlier, but here we are."

"So, where next?" Charlene stood up, adjusted the fresh hot pink tank top she'd put on and tied her sweatshirt around her waist.

"I don't know. Maybe ... that way? Maybe we'll find someone else actually worth talking to." Charlie pointed in a random direction and started walking along the beach, bags around her shoulder.

((Charlene Norris continued in Everyday is Like Sunday))
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