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"He-hello." Maddy replied nervously. The new girl didn't seem like a threat - of course, she hadn't done anything yet aside from entering the building, nor had he heard of her in school, so it wasn't like Simon had anything to go by. However, Simon did have some data on the next person to enter the building.

Nick LeMonde. Had some weird sword and tried to use it on Simon way back on the first day. The head start that Nick had given Simon meant that there was a very small chance that Nick could be persuaded to back down.

"Maddy, Simon's a killer! Shoot him." And then Teo Weinstock entered the room. For the one second in between Teo's statement and when Teo charged towards him, one thought flashed through Simon's head.

Wait - Teo's telling Maddy to kill me based on the fact that I'm a killer ... when both he and Nick fit in the same category? As far as Simon knew, neither Mike Jeffries nor Maxwell Crowe had gotten even one kill, yet had been killed by Nick and Teo, respectively. Then came the next thought:

Teo's trying to kill me! I have to stay alive! Two or three days ago, Simon would have had no choice but to attempt to wrestle with Teo. Now, he had a different way to fight back: he stepped to his left and swung the tire iron in his hand directly at Teo's head. Teo quickly moved his right arm to block the blow, causing the tire iron to strike Teo's forearm, as Simon awkwardly stepped out of the way, gripping the tire iron in front of him in both hands, keeping an eye on both Teo and Nick, looking for a way out.
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