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((Josée Trembley continued from The Awkward Moment When You Realise That Everyone You Love is Dead.))
((Sorry I'm late, Josée had to find out that her brother and best friend had died by hearing the seventh annoncement; and in doing so I've probably caused a massive time paradox but... Ho-hum, on with the show.))

It had taken a whole day of relentlessly running around in circles in a wild panic, looking for them. She wouldn't be able to bear it if that idiot Teo even laid a finger on Cisco, Cisco has done nothing but suffer during his time on the island, and in his current condition, it didn't seem like he would last long alone. But finally, Josée had finally found them. They seemed to be breaking into a small wooden house. Probably looking for more people to kill. Trying not to be spotted, Josée squinted at them in the distance, she could just about make out the figure of Cisco, still clutching his record, that was a good sign, it was doing a wonderful job at keeping him sane. But sanity was never any good to a dead person. Josée would have to act fast.

Waiting until they had all entered, Josée approached the door and stealthily leaned against the outside wall.

"Maddy, Simon's a killer! Shoot him."

Josée was slightly relieved that they didn't seem to be focusing on Cisco for the time being but it meant that it wouldn't be long until they open fire, and something told Josée that if a gunfight were to break out, Cisco wouldn't exactly be considered a civilian. Josée had to think fast, she could use this time to get Cisco out of the group while the others were distracted, but if Teo spotted her, then they would both immediately get their heads on the firing line, but if Josée did nothing, then she was sure that they would kill Cisco anyway, Josée refused to leave him behind, she would keep her promise and defend him to the death, if he was going to die, Josée wanted to die right by his side and at least say that she didn't run away when an innocent, insane boy was left to die at the hands of a real killer.

Keeping against the wall, Josée could see Cisco at the back of the group, the others all had their backs to the door, Josée had to make her move. "Cisco." she hissed as quietly as possible, hoping to get only his attention. "Cisco; it's me, come on." she gestured towards her frantically, sweat pouring down her arm and forehead. "Hurry, let's go before they hear me."
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