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"I...a lot of shit's happened,"

"Understatement of the year" Jay quipped, digging his hands deep in his pocket, surveying the surroundings. He still couldn't believe how it had happened. Jay didn't know if God was real or not- but he was thinking of placing the entire encounter in the 'Miracle' category. It couldn't get any better- well, it could- they could NOT be here, they could be with there friends, having a blunt, Danya could be dead- but he couldn't afford to be picky.

"I...well, the first kill was me freaking out over nothing, and the second one was this asshole threating Ema and K- right. Ema, Jay. Jay, Ema."

Jay's smile started to fade. Of course, something always had to spoil it. He'd always imagined he'd run away as soon as he'd encounter Hayley- He'd pictured her coated in blood, stabbing random people in the face. Of course, that hadn't happened. Of course, things had to be a lot more complicated then that. His heart fell as she started to explain- what the hell was he supposed to think? He thought back to Maria... back to David, and that random decapitated kid back at the fair. Things were terrible all around. It would never be simple again.

"Oh, 'sup Ema?" He turned to the other girl, flashing a peace sign. He didn't know her- she didn't exactly look like a party person. Still, a friend of Hayleys- a hot lesbian friend of Hayley's- was alright in his book. A plus was the fact he'd never heard her name on the announcements. He looked back at Hayley, and she continued.

"The other three, though...like. Okay. This is gonna sound shitty, right? But I can't make sure someone I care about wins this shit if everyone else is still alive. Even if they're not killers, like...right, what was that boy's name? Andrew? Look, think of it this way- you're wandering through the woods and you run into this kid. And he freaks out, even though you're not trying to pull shit, and he panics, and he shoots you in the face. And then you're dead! Except now he can't. Cause he's dead. Does that make sense? I'm...I just want to keep people alive and shit. Ema. Alex. Isabel, Dutchy. You too, man. Gotta keep you alive since we all know you can't do it yourself."

Okay... Okay, that, that's sorta scary.

Jay didn't know if he should feel sympathetic, or what. Hayley was his friend- but he'd expected better justification then this. He could feel his heart sinking down in his chest, burrowing deep down. He stuttered as she finished, trying his best to look not completely horrified.

"I... Guess... Yeah." He managed to get out, looking back toward Janet. He wasn't very good at displaying complicated emotions, and when it was an odd mixture of fear-sadness and an attempted 'Stay on your guard' look... well he just flat out failed. Hayley was still talking, he heard her mention Kyle. His heart sank deeper, but at least this was better. This was a topic in which they were on the same page. Kyle had been a good friend.

"Yeah... Yeah I heard that one. I'm sorry Hayley, seriously, shit..." He scratched the back of his head, unsure of what exactly else to say, if anything. Hayley saved him, grabbing two smokes. It was a little worrying just how fast she was bouncing the topic around, and his feelings along with it. But hell, they'd spent 8 days in the woods, running scared. He couldn't expect it to be perfect. Still, he could work with it. Couldn't afford to be picky.

"Yeah. Yeah, let's go smoke!"

Jay had quit smoking awhile back- not so much because he wanted too, but because weed had put a real dent in his pocket, and a pack every two days was keeping him in a perpetually broke state. It hadn't really been quitting... He smoked whenever he could bum one off someone. But being Jay Holland, that was hard to do. Jay had no idea how exactly Hayley had run by some cigs, had she brought them up camping? Probably. In any case, he wasn't going to complain.

Hmm. Last Cigarette. Knock on wood-
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