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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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((Teo Weinstock continued from Aching Chest and Blurry Sight))

Teo had allowed Gracie, Nick and Jess to move ahead of him. Still in sight but far enough away to give him some space to think. It wasn't smart to increase their group size. Not for Teo anyway. Eventually they'd have to kill each other and someone teaming up against him at that stage would be bad. He took another bite in to the loaf of bread looked from Mike's backpack. It wasn't too long before he decided that he would need to separate the two or strike out on his own. That set another problem in Teo's mind. Gracie. What would she do with her? She seemed more than keen to play the role of the scavenger but now that they had to step up their game as it were Teo wasn't sure Gracie had the will to make a kill. His train of thought was interrupted by spotting the Ranger station up ahead and more important Gracie pushing the door open without even scouting the perimeter and Nick followed her.

You would think she would of learned by now and Nick! What are you thinking? Teo exasperatedly thought to himself. Breaking in to a sprint the boy leaped over an interceding rock to swing straight in to the Ranger station. Gracie was still alive but as Teo's eyes took in the room his eyes narrowed. Maddy was to one corner, someone he would not normally put down as a threat, but that submachine gun in her hands changed that immediately. The other person in the room was a totally different story. Teo let out a breath and felt his adrenaline kick in. Simon Telmon. The warehouse. He needed to think fast. His crossbow was still by his side and the room was far too small anyway. He could probably grab that gun from Maddy but that in itself had problems.

"Maddy, Simon's a killer! Shoot him."

Teo wasn't too confident in Maddy's resolution but hoped Nick or Gracie would subdue her if she decided to open fire. He would have to deal with Simon, subdue if if nothing else. Simon was a wrestler, but Teo had seen him fight before. Slow and methodical, looking for the grapple, relying on brute strength. Teo had 15 pounds on the boy and all of it muscle and he knew how to take down someone quickly. There was a little risk here but he was confident. Teo was playing and playing to win.

He lunged.
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